"One cup coffee all" review that allows easy creation of fragrant drip coffee for one person

A little coffee break at home or in the office, people called canned coffee or instant are mostly husbands, but it is also true that it is not enough compared to the scent of drip coffee. So in the search for a variety of kits that make it easy to make drip coffee for one person was found "One cup cafe aur(2625 yen including tax) ".

The package looks something like this.

Contents include glass cup and drip filter, instruction manual etc.

The cup is heat resistant.

Just like using a typical dripper, just put coffee beans in powdered set on top of the cup and pour hot water. However, it is a point that paper for filter is unnecessary.

A fine stainless mesh serves as a filter as follows.

You can put the beans according to the internal scale OK.

When set on the cup it will look like this.

After only pour hot water and steam for about 30 seconds.

Easy delicious coffee was put.

In addition, after use, it is possible to drop stuffers of most beans by inverting the dripper on the trash can and hitting "TONTON". Afterwards it will be cleaner just by squeezing lightly with sinking lightly so there is not much trouble of care. So in person, those who want to enjoy the scent of coffee that entered by drip easily in offices, home etc are necessary checks.

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