Automatic siphon type coffee maker 'Siphonysta' with a strange appearance is the best until you make it and drink it, but it's quite troublesome to clean up afterwards

The coffee maker “ Siphonysta ”, which appeared in February 2023, is a coffee maker with

a unique appearance that is equipped with a cylinder unit, and you can fully enjoy the charm of coffee , from the brewing process to the taste and aroma. Many people think that Siphonysta has a very unique shape, so it seems difficult to wash. So, I summarized the process of actually washing Siphonysta and checked how much work it would take.

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Siphonysta is a coffee maker that automates the extraction process of siphon coffee, and can extract coffee in two cylinder units, upper and lower. The detailed appearance of Siphonysta is thoroughly checked in the following article.

Next-generation siphon coffee maker 'Siphonysta' that looks too unique - Thorough photo review - GIGAZINE

In addition, the details of how coffee is actually extracted with Siphonysta and the degree of coffee completion are checked in detail in the following article. This time, I will check the cleaning procedure after making coffee with Siphonysta.

The next-generation siphon-type coffee maker ``Siphonysta'' where excitement does not stop from the extraction process with the ``coffee fountain'' was a wonderful machine that even beginners can reach the depth of coffee - GIGAZINE

When the Siphonysta is finished making coffee, the bottom cylinder will be left with coffee grounds.

Cleaning up is divided into two processes: 'cleaning the cylinder unit' and 'cleaning the Siphonysta body'. To clean the cylinder unit, first push the lock bar inwards to unlock it.

After unlocking, remove the cylinder unit from the main body.

Disassemble the cylinder unit into three parts: 'joint', 'lower cylinder' and 'upper cylinder'. At this time, if you use the attached stand, you can keep the cylinder in a stable state.

Throw away the coffee grounds remaining in the lower cylinder into the trash can.

Then wash the lower cylinder with detergent.

Clean the pumping pipe and filter attached to the lower cylinder.

Also wash the upper cylinder.

Wash the upper cylinder carefully, as dirt tends to remain on the packing part of the red frame.

Scrub the thin cylindrical part with the included cleaning brush.

Since packing is attached to the joint, remove it before washing.

Then clean both joints and packings.

After cleaning the cylinder unit, wipe it dry with a dry cloth.

Next, remove the dirt attached to the Siphonysta body. Coffee stains easily stick to the silver part on which the mug is placed, so carefully wipe it off.

Remove the silver part to reveal a tray that catches spilled coffee, so clean the tray as well. This completes the cleanup that you do every time after making coffee. Each process is not difficult, but many people seem to find it troublesome because there are many processes compared to simple extraction methods such as paper drip.

Also, even after washing the cylinder unit and the main body, coffee sometimes dripped from the 'hole connecting the cylinder unit and the coffee outlet'. There seems to be no way to completely dry this hole, so it seems to be a concern when not in use for a long time.

As a result of actually experiencing the process of making coffee with Siphonysta and cleaning up afterward, it has the irresistible feature for coffee lovers that ``you can drink coffee with a high degree of perfection after enjoying the extraction process'', but ``cleaning up afterward is troublesome''. I know there are downsides. Siphonysta is highly recommended for those who say, 'If you want to enjoy delicious coffee, you can put up with a little trouble!' It is recommended to consider another coffee maker.

In addition, Siphonysta is sold at 66,000 yen including tax at the official online store and at the time of article creation. Although it is also handled by, it is sold at a very expensive price at the time of article creation.

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