Humidifier 'Elephant steam type humidifier EE-RN50' which is resistant to mold and bacteria unnecessary for filter cleaning Review

It is important to keep a moderate humidity and protect the throat with a humidifier etc. so as not to catch a cold in the season when the air is cold and dry. There are "humidifier" other than "steam type", "vaporization type" which evaporates water with a filter, "ultrasonic type" using ultrasonic wave, etc. However cleaning of filters is troublesome, molds and bacteria There are worries that it will fly in the air. " EE-RN 50 " humidifier "Steam type" which boils and produces steam that has appeared from elephant marks is easy to maintain because maintenance is easy because it does not require a filter, and cleanness is boiled, so clean ... I tried usability.

Steam type humidifier EE - RN type | Product information | Elephant mark

◆ The appearance review "EE - RN 50" arrived in a box like this.

When opening the box and opening the main body and accessories, in addition to the main unit and the power supply cable, please also refer to the instruction manual, precautionary notation stating "Please always observe me", citric acid 1 time for citric acid washing and citric acid wash A description about was included.

The main body is exactly like a feeling like "an electric pot with no hot water." It is about 2.4 kg in weight, but I felt it as light as I could slightly lift with one hand. This seems to be easy to carry even when the tank water goes out and goes to water supply.

The operation section looks something like this. The humidity monitor showing the condition of the room is indicated by "humidity", 37.5% for low humidity, 37.5% to 67.5% for humidity and 67.5% for high humidity. Humidity sensation is coined by an elephant and it is different from actual humidity, so it looks good as a guide.

The operation modes are roughly divided into "automatic mode" and "continuous mode". "HIGH" in the automatic mode humidifies and stops to humidity 60%, "standard" 50%, "HIKE YOME" humidifies up to 40%, continuous mode continues to operate with two types of humidification.

When you press the "Saving water boiler" button, the water temperature rises slowly, so it is possible to suppress the sound when the water boils instead of prolonging the time it takes for the steam to come out.

There is an unlocking lever and opening and closing knob on the top lid of the main unit.

To unlock the lock lever while it is being pushed up, to open the lid In this way you need to release the lock with one hand and put your finger on the opening and closing knob with the other hand. Because the inside of the tank becomes hot water during use, it is designed to prevent accidental opening of the lid for safety, but opening and closing may be felt a little while before you get used to it.

This is where I opened the lid. Since it is almost the same structure as the electric pot, there is no need to remove the filter and wash it, maintenance is basically done by putting citric acid basically once every 1 to 2 months, so it is lucky.

The detach button for removing the lid is located behind the main unit.

Normally plastic parts are holding down the metal fittings in this way ... ...

Plastic parts are lowered when pushing the detachable button, so you can pull out the lid and remove it.

The lid is equipped with a mesh-like steam cover so that the steam does not hit the hand etc. directly. Also, you can remove the cover by pushing up the knob of the steam cover at the rear of the lid, so you can wash directly when dust accumulates on the lid.

Try removing the steam cover and this is like this.

The tank has a water level line indicating the amount of water corresponding to the operating time. For example, if you do not drive for only two hours but you add water for several hours, you will have to boil all of the water, so it will cost extra electricity, but just as much as you need while looking at the water level line Since it can supply water, there is no waste.

Immediately put the water in the tank of the main unit. The cup was used because there was description "Direct use of container without poured water directly into tank" in the instruction manual. According to the manufacturer, using the container was to prevent the main body from being damaged by water.

◆ Try to use <br> When water is supplied to the tank and the operation is started by pressing the "ON" button, steam starts to boil after boiling for the first time, when it boils for a while. Steam is about 65 degrees and it is not so burning that you catch your hand, but it felt somewhat hot. If it is summer, the room temperature will also rise with humidity, but if the dryer is the most active in the winter, you can expect the effect of warming up the room rather.

In the following movie, the state in which it was operated in "driving mode strong" which makes steam by boiling hot water the most violently, and the state in which "kettle mode weak" is turned on and "kettle saving" is enabled From 1 m, 3 m, 5 m, you can see how you are listening compare.

Sound during boiling of "Elephant Mark steam humidifier EE - RN 50" looks something like this - YouTube

If you hear about 1 m away from where the operation mode is "strong" boiling, you will hear "GOO" blatantly.

At a distance of 3 m, the sound is boiled to such an extent that the sound of hot water boils down slightly.

Even if it is separated to 5 m, it is not much different from 3 m.

In the state of the operation mode "weak", furthermore, try to activate "save water heater sound". I heard a boiling sound somewhat again.

When it is 3 m, I got less concerned about being ambivalent to environmental sounds.

If you leave 5 m, you can not hear the sound of boiling water unless you are careful. However, the "save water boiler" function will run out of normal condition if the temperature inside the tank exceeds 94 degrees. For this reason, if it is in a quiet room it sounds boiling to such a degree that it seems to be heard, so if you are going to put it in the bedroom, you want to place it as far away as possible from the bedside. If you change the way of viewing, you can enjoy the maximum merit that you do not have to worry about fungi and bacteria without maintenance, as long as the environment does not matter even if the sound is not an issue.

"EE - RN 50" has a function to inform you with a buzzer while turning on the "water supply" lamp when water in the tank runs out and water supply becomes necessary.

It is a function to encourage water supply and prevent equipment damage due to sky, but when you go to bed while driving a humidifier at night, there is no one waking up with a loud buzzer. Therefore, in fact, I tried to operate what "buzzer to prevent sky dumping" and what kind of buzzer sounded.

A state that the emptiness prevention buzzer of "Elephant Mark steam humidifier EE - RN 50" is operating - YouTube

The lamp beside the button went on, but it does not shine brightly. As for the sound, "big beep" sounds a bigger ten times.

"EE - RN 50" has "off timer 2 hours" and it is possible to stop driving two hours after setting the timer, so it is convenient when you go to bed while driving. After waiting for 2 hours after setting "off timer 2 hours", the operation ended without emitting a sound or lighting the lamp, so even if you go to bed while you operate the humidifier, the timer It seems that it will not be woken up by sound. On the other hand, even when the "off timer 2 hours" is set, it will be better to check that the tank is filled with enough water before going to bed, because "buzzer to prevent skying" will sound when the water runs out is.

"EE - RN 50" can be purchased at, the price is 10 4700 yen including tax.

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