I used steamless VE electric bottle 'Tokuko' PIE-A type that steam does not go out during boiling

You should be close to the steam outlet of the electric kettle that is boiling water, and there should be few people who have burned or felt hot. There is no such worry about ' Steamless VE Electric Bottles <Tokuko> PIE-A500 '. There is no need to take care of the steam catcher structure that produces no steam while boiling, so it is an attractive electric pot that can boil up to 5 liters at a stretch, so it is actually used Saw.

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◆ Appearance
Tokuko was in the outer box like this.

The contents of the box are Tokuko's body, instruction manual and power cord.

This is Tokuko's main body.

The size of the body is about 23.4 cm wide × 30.2 × 38.7 cm high, and it feels like it's held by hand. There is only 5L and a large capacity, and the size is large, but the main body of about 3.9 kg in weight gets a surprisingly light impression when it is held by hand.

It looks like this from the side.

There is a note on the back.

There is a socket on the rear left side for connecting a power cord.

The water level indicator looks like this. The capacity is 5.0 L, which is larger than the capacity of 3.0 L of '

Tokuko PIG-A type ' reviewed earlier.

There is a steam port in the electric pot that is not steam-less like this ...

If you look at the top of Tokuko, you can see that it is sluggish and there is no vapor opening anywhere.

The handle looks like this. The movable part connecting the handle and the body is a little bit firm, so the handle will hit the body and no loud noise will come out.

The operation panel part is a simple design with two panels and a button to display the water temperature etc.

The button in the red frame is 'Re-boil key'. When water is supplied to the body, it will be kept warm after boiling automatically, but if you want to reboil use this button. Above the button is a 'warm lamp' to indicate that heat is being maintained

The hot water supply lever has an easy-to-use design that is OK no matter where you press it.

The hot water supply lever is normally locked to prevent hot water from accidentally burning and it is necessary to press the unlock key before hot water supply.

To open the lid, push in front of the opening and closing lever, hook your finger on the raised part and pull it up.

Such a feeling when the lid is opened.

The hole at the back of the lid is a steam intake. Since the steam generated during boiling is captured here and returned to water droplets, no steam comes out of the body. As long as the foreign matter is not clogged, no care is required.

There is a bathing position to throw away excess hot water at the rim.

There was a display called 'Kokomane' indicating the water level of full water in a place that was easy to see when looking inside the main unit from the front.

◆ I tried using
I will use it soon. Put in water ...

Connect the power cord when the lid is closed. The power cord and the socket have a built-in magnet, and they are connected to the socket as if the cords are brought close to each other. When reconnecting to the power supply after carrying the main unit with water, etc., it is often convenient to connect the power cord easily because it is not easy to see the back of the main unit well.

After that, it is OK if the power cord is inserted into the outlet.

It will turn on automatically and boiling will begin.

During boiling, the display section changes at intervals of about 10 seconds, and the time until boiling and the current water temperature are displayed alternately.

You can check the behavior of the steam-less Tokuko PIE-A in the following movie. During boiling, a small bubble bursts. It is not a loud sound at all, and it is about normal or quieter than an electric pot, but it is recommended to put people who are easily concerned about the sound a little away.

Steamless Tokuko PIE-A in the hot water-YouTube

It's like this when you actually pour hot water. You can supply hot water by pressing any part of the lever, and the orientation of the main unit can be easily changed, so you can confirm that it is easy even when preparing a number of teacups.

Tiger's 'steamless VE electricity mahoubin <Tokuko> PIE-A500' usage review-YouTube

Normally, the hot water supply lever is locked and pressing hot water does not come out, so press the unlock key to release the lock.

After that, hot water comes out if you push the hot water supply lever. The power of hot water is a little stronger, so it is necessary to bring the spout and container close enough so that the hot water does not fly.

You can change the orientation of the main unit just by turning it lightly.

This is thanks to the 360 degree rotating ring at the bottom of the body.

The hot water supply lever draws hot water no matter where it is pressed, so even if you hold the container with your right hand and push the lever with your left hand, it is easy to pour hot water, even if the left and right hands are reversed.

If you press the unlock key again or you do not operate it for about 10 seconds, it will be locked automatically and the unlock key lamp will go out. Although it is safe and basically that the hot water supply lever is easy to push and it is in the locked state, there is no function that keeps releasing the lock for a certain period of time. As a result, you may find it a little time-consuming when using it to supply hot water intermittently, such as drip coffee.

◆ Summary
'The steamless VE electric bottle <Tokuko> PIE-A500' uses electricity and heat retention in a high vacuum double bottle in combination, and it can keep about 92 degrees or more even after 2 hours of unplugging. Because there is no steam, it is economical and safe to use without worrying about burns due to accidental exposure to high temperature steam. There were no condensations due to steam, so it was an easy-to-press electric heater with an easy-to-press hot-water lever and a 360-degree turnable body.

You can purchase 'Steamless VE Electric Bottle <Tokuko> PIE-A500' at Amazon.co.jp and its price is ¥ 12,921 at the time of writing.

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