Portable ultrasonic humidifier "TULIP STICK" used by USB connection to PC and inserted in water of the glass

It is a season that tends to dry, but since humidifier can not be carried on taking the place, the room during travel may dry out and sometimes get out of shape. It is convenient at such time as "TULIP STICK"It's also possible to carry it with a bag to hold it for a palm-sized humidifier, and protect your throat and skin from drying anytime anywhere.

Idea International: Product Details: Personal Ultrasonic Humidifier TULIP STICK (Personal Butterfly Squid Tulip Stick)

【Rakuten Market】 Design household appliances?> Seasonal household appliances?> Humidifiers?> Ultrasonic type?> Tulip stick: Interior shop roomy

TULIP STICK is a type of tulip type ultrasonic humidifier that is used as it is inserted into water like a fresh flower. Connect the USB to the PC and use it.

The size is 41 mm × 41 mm × 160 mm, weighs 30 g.

It is possible to use it even from an outlet if you use an optional adapter.

First of all, set the water absorption core in the main body.

Connect the PC and the main unit with a USB cord.

It is ok if you add TULIP STICK in the water. There are two types of operation modes, continuous and intermittent, and the switch automatically turns off in 2 hours, so there is no problem even if you forget to forget it.

The price is 3150 yen including tax.

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