A diagram showing the future prospects up to 150 years ahead realizable by feasibility and field

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BBC - Future - Technology - Tomorrow's world: A guide to the next 150 years

This infograph is arranged in chronological order from the top to the bottom, color is red Computer & robot engineering, yellow is politics & business, green is science & nature, blue is society, gray is technology and field specific . Also, fractions written behind the item are odds, those on the left side are likely to be more realized (low odds), those on the right side are those with low realization degree (= high odds) and It is getting.

What is thought to be most likely in 2013 is that "a patient is consulted by a doctor via a medical application". Following that, "Great firewall can not prevent Chinese people from accessing global information" has come, but in ChinaMandate net user's real name registrationYou can see a movement that goes against the "opened internet" and so on. "Photo sharing SNSPinterestIt is likely that Google will buy it "indeed. On the other hand, the realization seems to be far from being "in the field of science America is overtaken by China", "Google Earth makes virtual games based on their neighborhood become available to play".

What is likely to be realized in the five years until 2017 is "computer gains olfaction (2017)" "China's gold stockpile exceeds Germany (2016)" "Digital currency will be used in the United States (2015 )"Such. What is worrisome is "In the Arctic region, the ice ceases to exist in summer (2016)", and about such bad perspectives, it is a gray line called "Destopia (the opposite of Utopia, Dark Spirit)" It leads to. Meanwhile, there are things that say "People will come into contact with each other via smartphones", and such things are connected by a white line called "utopia."

As ten years ahead, it is likely that it will be realized by 2022, such as 'Ultimate eye resolution will be released in high resolution (2019)' and 'Success in demonstration experiment of nuclear fusion (2020)' Yes, on the distant peer side "Aral SeaIs completely dried up (2020) "is mentioned.

As likely to be realized by 25 years, by 2037, "Many aircraft become unnecessary for pilots (2030)" "Chernobyl neighborhood becomes a national park (2035)" and so on. There is no prospect of utopia, as a distopia, "In the US, a type tracking system embedded in the body will be used at more than 50% of the population (2025)" "China will request the territory of the moon (2030) "And others are cited.

By 2012 ahead of 2112 may be realized such as "Mars base will be established (2060)" "First cloned human being appearance (2062)" etc. In addition, around 2100 new ice age Started. The tax system may be abolished in the US, or artificial intelligence may start up.

And around 2150, the lifespan of mankind will exceed 150 years ... ... maybe.

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