Automobiles unnecessary for driving will be on sale in full automatic operation in 2018

According to the announcement by GM, in 2018 it is planned to sell cars that can "auto-drive without the driver" and which can automatically park when reaching the destination. We are planning to run the test in 2015 as well.

Details are as below.
GM researching driverless cars - CES 2008 -

GM: Driverless Cars Coming Within a Decade

This is what GM announced at CES 2008 which is currently underway. It is already about the technology which makes the driver unnecessary, it is a realizable story, not the SF talk.

The biggest problem lies in whether consumers, society are asking for "cars unnecessary for drivers to arrive at their destinations automatically", and if this is realistically considered, as a solution to traffic congestion and energy problems, this driver It seems that I think that Les' car is "there".

In addition, the initial model of this car is scheduled to be able to select two kinds of "self driving mode" and "automatic driving mode".

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