"50 x 15" showing graphs of population increase and real population increase of the net

AMD's CPU maker provides an unusual site that "50 × 15There is something like that. This is a graph of the population growth rate of the net and the actual population growth rate and is part of the digital divide resolution project to make it possible to connect 50% of the whole human beings to the net by 2015.

Details are as follows.
AMD 50 x 15 - World Internet Usage

In fact it is predicted that half of the entire population on the planet will not connect to the net by 2030, but somehow it will work hard to connect people around the world to the net more quickly It seems that the goal is to have it.

In fact, the net penetration rate of each country in the world is understood well when seeing below.

Countries with Highest Internet Penetration Rates

A surprising country is strong, is not it? Japan is not among the top ten ... ....

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