'Cook Kettle SE6300' review that can be cooked not only in boiling water but also in hot water and can cook soup and hot spring eggs, chocolate fondue, cooking utensils beyond the frame of 'kettle'

Not only simply boil water, but also cookware-like kettle ' cook kettle SE6300 ' that can make tea such as soup, hot spring egg, chocolate fondue etc. comes from LOCTUS on January 21, 2019 Did. How many functions would be useful with one, so how convenient it is? I actually used it to check the

Cook Kettle-LUCTUS


The outer box of the cook kettle looks like this. Recipes that can be used with the cook kettle are drawn on the surfaced cardboard.

When the inside was opened, the cook kettle body, pot-shaped container pot, tea strainer, manual, recipe book was included.

The body is divided into power plate, outer cover, inner cover and kettle.

The operation part looks like this, and 'Boiling', 'ON / OFF', 'Heating', 'Temperature setting' button is attached. Temperatures from 40 degrees to 90 degrees can be set.

The outer lid has a grooved silicone packing.

In order to attach the outer lid to the kettle part, it is necessary to align the groove of the packing with the protrusion of the base of the handle of the kettle part.

The total combined weight of the body was 628 g.

The height of the body is 210mm, and it looks like this when comparing the size with a traffic IC card.

The size seen from above was like this.

To try it right away. At first we put water in the kettle part.

There are indications of 400 ml, 600 ml and 800 ml on the side, and you can see the current amount of water at a glance. The cook kettle is compatible with water volumes as small as 400 ml and as large as 800 ml.

Place the inner lid and outer lid on the main unit and set it on the power supply plate.

Connect the outlet.

Press the power button marked 'ON / OFF' to turn on the power.

When you press the 'boil' button, it will boil the water until it reaches 100 degree hot water.

'Temperature setting' button, you can specify how much the water in the warm. Each time you press the button, it will switch from 40 degrees to 90 degrees in increments of 10 degrees. The central monitor area always shows the internal water temperature.

After pressing the temperature setting button and pressing the 'Heat' button, the temperature will be kept after heating up to the set temperature. The temperature which can be kept warm is from 40 degrees to 90 degrees and can not be kept at boiling temperature.

In fact, it took about five and a half minutes to boil a glass of water (200 ml).

It took about 15 and a half minutes to boil 800 ml of water, which is the largest capacity of the cook kettle.

Boiling 800 ml of hot water with the electric kettle of HARIO took about 5 and a half minutes, so the speed of boiling of the hot water by the cook kettle is rather slow.

Tiger's electric kettle consumes 1300W, Tiffard 's electric kettle 1250W, and the cook kettle's rated power consumption is 400W. Because there is a difference in power consumption compared to an electric kettle of the same capacity, it may not be suitable for the needs of 'wanting to boil water in as short a time as possible.'

To make a cup of tea with a cook kettle. Boil the hot water in the cook kettle body and put the tea leaves in the supplied tea strainer.

Remove the inner lid of the body ...

Insert a lid into the top of the tea strainer and attach it.

If you put a teacup inside the bowl, you can still make tea with the boiling water from the cook kettle. The cook kettle can be used like a teapot, and not only boiling water but also cooking soup and so on.

You can pour the tea as it is without the need for a teapot.

When I make tea with the cook kettle, it takes a long time to boil the water, so the air in the water is a feeling of relief. It may be unsuitable for drinks where air contained in water is important like tea.

Remove the outlet after use ...

Remove the tea strainer from the body, remove the inner lid and discard the tea leaves inside. The tea strainer is long and it is difficult to put your fingers all the way in, so it is difficult to throw away the tea leaves inside.

After discarding the contents of the tea strainer, wash with a dish detergent.

The inside of the cook kettle can also be cleaned. However, as there is a risk of electrical leakage, please do not touch the bottom of the body as much as possible when cleaning the main body.

The cook kettle can also be water-cooked using the supplied pot-shaped container pot. In fact, I try to cook water using a cook kettle. First of all, let's make a hot spring egg.

Put the eggs in the pot-shaped container pot and put water up to 280 ml of the maximum capacity of the pot-shaped container pot. Up to two eggs can be stored in the pot-shaped container pot.

According to the attached recipe book, it is said that the hot spring eggs are soaked in 70 degree water for 15 minutes. First, keep the water at 70 degrees, using the heat retention setting. Remove the inner lid from the body, set the pot-shaped container pot in the position of the inner lid.

Since the cook kettle does not have a timer function, wait 15 minutes using the kitchen timer.

After 15 minutes, the completed hot spring egg looks like this. A beautiful hot spring egg was made.

The inside was sloppy, too.

The cook kettle can also make chocolate fondue. First, chop 100 g of chocolate and pour it into a pot-shaped container pot.

Add 100ml of fresh cream or milk.

The water temperature is set to keep warm at 60 degrees.

Wait for a while and the chocolate will melt, so stir.

After putting a tablespoon of rum ...

In this way, completed the chocolate fondue.

Dip marshmallow and fruits etc ...

You can enjoy plenty of chocolate fondue at home.

The recipe book looks like this and describes the dishes that can be made with the cook kettle. Of course, the dishes that can be made are not limited to those in the recipe book, so it is an ant to think about how to use it yourself.

When I actually use it, I feel that the water heating function is slow due to power consumption, and the heat insulation function is an advantage. Cooking such as 'keep 70 degrees for 30 minutes' is quite suitable for

vacuum cooking method , but the point that the heat retention function is turned off in 1 hour and the point that the internal capacity of the main unit is small are the neck. It is an impression that people who live alone are good for making tea and soup.

'Kook Kettle SE6300' can be purchased from Yodobashi Camera and Rakuten Market . The price at Yodobashi Camera at the time of article publication was 7530 yen including tax.

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