Headline news on 5th March 2019

The " Happy Hacking Keyboard " series which appeared in 1996 exceeded the cumulative worldwide shipment quantity of 500,000 units worldwide . To celebrate this, "HHKB Professional HG JAPAN (lacquered lacquer HHKB)" will be presented to people who retweet of campaign target tweets.

This "HHKB Professional HG JAPAN" is a limited edition sold at 500,000 yen without tax, as the 10th anniversary commemorative model in 2006. However, since it is a product after long-term storage, it is said that it will be out of the scope of product warranty.

By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

IBM's system which replaced human's payroll sector in its entirety and creates a loss of 82 billion yen - GIGAZINE

It was a middle-aged amateur who found out that there was no mathematical basis in the Golden Ratio "three-to-one rule" of emotion - GIGAZINE

An easy way to distinguish French from Katakana that floods Japanese society - GIGAZINE

A place where an airplane will arrive irrespective of the age and purpose created "Airplane Graveyard" Photo report at the Mojave Airport in the USA - GIGAZINE

What is one innovative figure that can easily remember Morse code that was confusing - GIGAZINE

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"Hayabusa 2" mounted small monitor camera shot image / Images from CAM-H - YouTube

This movie was taken on February 22, 2019 (Japan time) "Hayabusa 2" with the small monitor camera installed when the first touchdown to asteroid Ryuugu. The video playback speed is 5 times faster than the actual time. The shooting was done for about 5 minutes and 40 seconds while changing the imaging frequency between 07: 26 and 07: 32 (Japan time) on February 22. This movie is made by connecting 233 images acquired during this time.

Second case in the world, long-term virus undetected from people infected with HIV: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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Girl's former bail authorized bail decision bail ¥ 1 billion Tokyo district court | NHK News

The Tokyo District Court revealed the terms of bail of former Ghosn.

According to it,
▽ Residence is restricted to Japan,
▽ Traveling abroad is prohibited.

I have not clarified the details, but there are also conditions for preventing evasion and escape.

I am in a bad condition in the morning · Suddenly sickness ... Reference persons in statistics failed to repeat: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Abe's Prime Minister "Employment Important in Politics" = Empowerment of Avenomics Results - Upper House Budget Committee: Current affairs dot com

Liberal Democratic Party Secretary General Secretary General Osaka Prefectural Governor and others are coming to think | NHK News

Meanwhile, Mr. Futoshi 2nd floor said the reporters asked, "Whether the LDP is going to make a candidate," he said, "Naturally, it is natural" and according to the unified local election next month, the governorate election If the mayoral election is held ahead of schedule, he showed his idea of holding candidates as the LDP.

Ootoya, which fortunately forces a deterioration in business performance to bytes of terrorism: Market situation Kabu full force two stories

Tokyo Medical College Third-party committee pointed out that exchange of donation is made before acceptance judgment | NHK News

Chicken Ramen sales record for the first time in 15 years | NHK News

Otsuka Furniture President thinking to call cooperate with conflicting father | NHK News

Miss measles examination "Notice" ... Osaka's Red Cross Hospital: Domestic: Yomiuri Newspaper Online

On the execution of provisional disposition prohibiting the transfer of possession of obligor unspecified pertaining to the current building of Yoshida dormitory - Kyoto University

On February 13th this year, the University of Kyoto made a petition for a provisional disposition of the prohibition of possession transfer of unspecified debtors to the Kyoto District Court for the Yoshida Dorm Building (hereinafter referred to as "the current building"), I received a decision on provisional disposition on 21th and filed a petition for the execution of provisional disposition on the 25th of the same month, provisional disposition was executed today.
Regarding the current building, on January 17th this year, provisional disposition for prohibiting the transfer of possession, which identified the obligor who is a dormitory, was executed from the viewpoint of safety, but at that time, It turned out that there is a high possibility that the person living in the current building is high. Therefore, we are pleading a provisional disposition of the prohibition of possession transfer of unspecified obligors, because the current building which is the dormitory managed by our university is not allowed to be occupied by those without title.
As a result, today's execution confirmed that anyone other than the borrower identified at the time of the execution on January 17 this year occupied the current building without authority.
The university seeks immediate leaving for all residents living in the current building.
March 4, 2001 Kyoto University

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Business Special Feature Meat "cultured meat" maybe | NHK News

"Incorrect order food store" Opened by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare | NHK News

To the end of sales of "fruit milk" with bottles "Meiji" | NHK News

Playwright "If you use the phrase" put hand in hand ", you said" Because there may be viewers who seize in sexual depiction, please make another expression "- Togetter

I also attended Mr. Makoto Aida's lecture · · ·? - Tweet Art

Apartment for cat owners only Completed cat showers on the dedicated stairs | NHK News

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Suspicion of corruption in mining demonstration of Trend Micro's cartoon pirated site introduced last year by Sorodabo - Windows 2000 Blog

Invisible screen ... Medium of suspicion of pasting illegal URL 1 Girls and others searching for houses - Entertainment society - SANSPO.COM (Sansupo)

Illegal Program Writing Suspicion Guidance | NHK Hyogo Prefecture News

A 13-year-old female student living in Kariya-shi, Aichi Prefecture, was guided by police, allegedly having written an address of an unauthorized program on the Internet bulletin board.
In this program, when you click, it means that in the middle of the screen the letters "It's useless to close many times", and the emoticons are set to continue to be displayed.
The police who found the writing examined the connection record of the Internet and guided it on the 4th.

For sentence summarized about the incident guided by URL infinite loop URL post - piyolog

Attention to URLs on trendy lines on LINE and Twitter · Countermeasures in case of opening

& quot; It is in vain to close how many times ~ 10 way to issue an alert indefinitely with & quot; - Qiita

People who ebookjapan forced to shift to Yahoo's service and explode dissatisfaction with poor usability - Togetter

People programming on the iPad, I'm sorry I made a fool of you until now !!!! - Qiita

Suspicion of corruption in Trend Micro's manga village Coinhive demonstration - Togetter

Top page | b-mobile START SIM

Cancellation 0 yen. There is no minimum use period. It is SIM which can cheap SIM casually. If you like it, you can easily transition to 990 just fit. It corresponds to docomo network.

Neither Munch nor Klimt has the image opening copyrighted work, it is freely available Aichi Prefecture "World Standard" Trial: Asahi Shimbun Digital

First public release! What is HTML / CSS black belt? What? - Yahoo! JAPAN Tech Blog

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A rookie award A summary of things that the publisher did to do to sell the light novel, and what I tried by himself - Togetter

Animation "ULTRAMAN" Latest PV lifting! From April 1, 2019, world simultaneous exclusive distribution at Netflix! - YouTube

Shogi Fujii Nanagisori promotion ranking final ranking final battle | NHK News

The smart game "Magia Record Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magica Gaiden" Main Story Chapter 10 "Akatsuki Shallowful Dreams" CM - YouTube

"Eiiga no Osomatsu-san" known in 66 seconds - YouTube

TV animation "Grandberum" special information - YouTube

VR anime "The End Harlem VR - Suko Mikoto Hen ~" PV - YouTube

VR anime "End Harlem VR ~ Harlem Hen ~" PV - YouTube

OxT "UNION MUSIC VIDEO / Making of UNION" BD & DVD Release CM - YouTube

【Main Part】 JC "ONE PIECE" 92 volumes Kanda Matsuyuko Kodansha "ONE PIECE" Wano Country ~ Adventure of Samurai Country ~ - YouTube

Notice on the release date of iOS / Android version "Wonderland Dungeon Windbreaker Siren" | Spike Chunsoft

What is good skill disposal? Damn it out of the island country Yamato

Why does "League of Legends" play 27 million people a day? Japan's representative professional gamer talks about its charm ___ The succession of "selection" from overwhelming variety and vivid "growth" is key [DFM Evi player interview]

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"-196 ℃ Strong Zero <Whole blue apple>" New release for a limited time March 5, 2019 News Release Suntory

"Heroyoy <Melon Sour"> "The same <Kiwi Sour>" New release for a limited time March 5, 2019 News Release Suntory

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