Headline news on 7th March 2019

The original short anime " Soba To " that the Marui Group and Toho formed tags has been released. Director Toshihiro Ishii served as assistant director in the "Mirai of the future" that won the Annie Prize.

Mr. Haruka Fukuhara who is active as a voice actor / actress is in charge of the voice.

The full video is released on YouTube Maruino Anime Official Channel.

Short Animation "Soba Hen" Full Ver. - YouTube


By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

For what purpose do museums and museums originally exist? In the movie "The Case for Museums" - GIGAZINE

I have been watching "Matsushita Konosuke History Hall" that you can learn from a number of famous words by following Mr. Konosuke Matsushita's lifetime - GIGAZINE

Volkswagen announces the future EV taxi concept car "Cedric" capable of fully automatic operation - GIGAZINE

A spammer made a backup mistake, the database was fully disclosed, the fact that it had more than 1.3 billion e-mail addresses and sent hundreds of millions of spam a day revealed the reality - GIGAZINE

Ransomware to demand ransom with first data encryption on Mac OS X appeared - GIGAZINE

I went to unlimited "soldering cafe" such as free soldering etc. - GIGAZINE

Reveal a successful monetization strategy to charge for basic free (F2P) games - GIGAZINE

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The bathroom of the gravure idol was too fresh "I thought that I'm drying underwear" "It will be the reason to cheer up only with Kore" - Togetter

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@ tarafuku10's translation "I tried to translate the animation" why I stopped green peas ". Why was an organization whose mission was to improve the environment for humanity, why humanity is regarded as a bad man and it became a political movement to ignore science? Patrick Moore, one of the founding members, explains. - Togetter

Dingo is not a dog, it is a unique species, one picture the Australian researchers are reviewing for conservation measures One international news: AFPBB News

◆ Society · Politics · Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
DL illegalization, without correcting even with remand Mr. Amari ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0

30, 40 'saving money zero' is 23% SMBC money sense survey - Mainichi Newspaper

Doctor suggests "death" option Present dialysis, patient death Tokyo public hospital - Mainichi Newspaper

The surgeon said that patients should be admitted to the right not to undergo dialysis treatment. According to the hospital, the female had undergone dialysis treatment at a nearby clinic for about 5 years before the visit. Since the shunt of the blood vessel which puts the needle for blood purification was clogged, on August 9, last year, I visited the hospital's kidney disease general medical center. The surgeon, together with a treatment method to insert a tube around the neck, presents options to stop dialysis along with an explanation "directly connected with death". The woman chose "stop dialing again" and stop. The surgeon calls her husband (51) and keeps her attention at the nurse's presence, and the woman signs the intention confirmation letter. Treatment was discontinued.

According to the center's kidney physician (55), furthermore the woman was admitted to the physician "I do not do dialysis, I want to ask Fussa Hospital at the end", "I'm breathing" on the 14th. According to her husband, however, the woman told the surgeon that he will "withdraw the withdrawal of dialysis" on 15th, her husband resumed treatment. According to the surgeon, I heard a few times from the woman saying "I would like to dialysis again if it is so painful," he took treatment to relieve pain. The woman died after 5 p.m. on the 16th.

The surgeon said, "I put emphasis on a hard intention at the time of sanity (discontinuation of treatment)." The woman could have lived for about four years if she did not cancel it. The surgeon asserted that "patients are suffering from ineffective and biased life-prolonging measures due to the introduction of dialysis treatment without adequate intention confirmation, should accept the right not to receive treatment".

A woman who stopped dialysis, SOS that I want to withdraw "on the day before death, e-mail with a smartphone to my husband - Mainichi Newspaper

I regret about the day before death (15th day). According to her husband, the woman showed the willingness to live in the hospital room "I want to withdraw (stop dialysis)". "Let me ask the surgeon also from me." I tried to go home and the pain ran to my abdomen. Stress caused a hole in the stomach, causing inflammation. I asked the surgeon "Please allow dialysis", and I underwent gastric ulcer surgery at the same hospital. The next day on 16th, the woman had already become cold from anesthesia.

"The discontinuation of dialysis treatment seems to be said to be" dead "," says her husband. The distrust of surgeons who did not resume treatment remains. "A doctor is a person who saves the life of a person.I think that (female) himself / herself said" I do not like treatment, "I think that it should be confirmed several times as to whether it is really it or not even if I sign once in my confirmation letter , Because he said he wanted to withdraw, he wanted him to admit "

It is still a single email from a woman who seems to have asked for help. My husband got my smart hospital in the hospital during surgery. When I left the hospital and turned on the power, the e-mail was delivered. "Is it OK?" Call at 7:50 am on the day of death (16th). It's time I was lying in the hospital room. "Tou" is an abbreviation for "dad", it is said to be the honor's nickname. I was trying to strike with "Dad, Tasuke" just before death.

Release of liquid milk for babies Consumer Agency calls attention | NHK News

Among them, items in paper packs, cans, etc. are transferred to a clean container, and immediately after opening, they are given to the baby, while remaining drinking is calling for not using because bacteria are easy to reproduce.

Percentage of women councilors in Parliament around the world Japan 165 Ranked in developed countries | NHK News

According to it, among the 193 countries that were targeted, 61.3% of Rwanda in Africa accounted for the largest proportion of female legislators in the House of Representatives, the House of Representatives of the Japanese House of Representatives and the unicameral parliament.

Meanwhile, Japan is 10.2%, lowering the ranking by seven from the previous year, it was 165.

G7 = France is 39th percent in the advanced seven countries, France is at 16th place, Italy is at 30th place at 35.7 percent, and US is at 78th place at 23.5 percent, etc., Only 100th place was Japan.

Heart love father, keep on showering cold water shower on the face The day of death: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Editorial: Prohibition of corporal punishment by parents Abolishment of disciplinary authority promptly - Mainichi Shimbun

Initiatives to deliver generators to home patients at power outage Hokkaido | NHK News

"Take off your clothes within 5 seconds" Father's assault Detailed discovery Chiba · small 4 girls death - Sankei news

Citizen · Fukushima sued critic "Collarious defamation" | Kyodo News

"Monthly Labor Survey Survey" Retroactively Do not Correctly Before Correction | NHK News

Disney kissing students and studying junior high school teachers at Disney "As love each other": Asahi Shimbun Digital

Domestic economy already possible recessionary economic trends 3 consecutive months worsening | NHK News

Indicating the economic situation The January "business trend index" worsened for three consecutive months, and the Cabinet Office revised its keynote decision downwards. This is a different result from the government opinion which states that the economy has already entered the recession phase as of January and that "the current economic recovery seems to have become the longest after the war".

Domestic economic downgrading judgment to "downward" already a recession phase: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Chief Cabinet Secretary that the perception of economic recovery will not change

Mr. Trump, Prime Minister Abe "I told you to move 7 factories from Japan": economy: Yomiuri Newspaper Online

"Recruitment" trial MHI's assets in Korea also seizure procedure | NHK News

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare | NHK News

Mr. Ghosn's disguise, Mr. Hirokun's lawyer "Surprised by watching TV" [Gonnai president]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"Long-term restraint" reviewing poor momentum = objections to government, criticism of justice system - Gone defendant: current affairs dot com

Dead man involved? Explosion successive casualties Germany | NHK News

Gunpowder and the like were found from home, the police are investigating the series of explosions as if they were structured before the man died.

President Cardinal "Disappointment for Kim chairperson if factory rebuilding fact" | NHK News

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The story of Seiko mart who opened in the area of 900 people in Hokkaido is "Topic" trust "and" like this way "- Togetter

The modern food culture study group seems to be called "the man who is the most afraid of NHK" (lol) How did you see the "historical secret history historia Ando Momofuku" 3/6 broadcast ... - INVISIBLE D. - QUIET & COLORFUL PLACE -

Dawn history of instant noodles not talked about by chicken ramen by modern food culture research group - Togetter

Chicken noodles and Ando Momofuku, its virtual images and real images - Validation by Modern Food Culture Study Group (It is part of a long series) - Togetter

Momofuku Ando ("Munpuku" model) was a genius of "investment and publicity" rather than an invention ~ Verification of the Modern Food Culture Study Group / Well how is the "historical secret story historia" broadcast? - Togetter

Asahi Newspaper "30 Heisei volumes published" 1st place "1Q84" 2nd place "Do not leave me" 3rd place "Confession" |

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[pixiv] Information - About inappropriate bookmarks using a large number of unauthorized registered accounts

Currently, we are confirming attacks by unauthorized vendors that accept money and perform mechanical bookmarks on the work submitted to pixiv.

As in this case, acts of receiving mechanical money bookmarks or conducting unjustifiable bookmarks or evaluations with malice are acts of manipulating the evaluation of the work illegally, it is an act of violating the Terms of Service.

For this reason, we are currently dealing with detection and understanding of illegal bookmarks and evaluations, stopping and deleting illegal accounts, etc, and making progress so that the work will be properly evaluated, and in parallel with the lawyer We are considering submitting damage reports to the police based on consultation.

Analysis of the violence of 'tortoise stop' tweets

False recognition by Mr. Smiley Kikuchi and about the flames (with additional note) | Annex "S3 diary"

2019-03-06 Three types of useless "operation automation" + α / operation - automation - 3 - bad - model - Speaker Deck

Serverless Failure - DynamoDB Version / Serverless Fails - Speaker Deck

Docker Compose thorough explanation

Suspicion that Trend Micro was intentionally raising the CPU load by doing work at the time of Coinhive's demonstration comes out | Slad security

You should have interviewed? Mr. Haffpost "The fear of nutmeg poisoning. A newly-married couple who has taken a huge amount of hamburger in a hamburger will be carried to the hospital "at a later date" The user deleted the post, so some articles were deleted and reedited "- Togetter

Mr. Gone 's disguise "Identification" Total of about 10,000 yen to go, you can buy it online (Okada Oka) - Individual - Yahoo! News

Cloudflare's contract is "warranted canary" | Slad YRO

Cyber Investigator Wanted, Shunned "Sports Day Temperament" rival is a foreign capital | Kyodo News

Building common infrastructure base with Kubernetes & EKS - Speaker Deck

The local resident said "China's QR code settlement away" is a hoax | Slad IT

What to do if your minor's child wants to do social movements on the Internet - Dao Ji

Suspicious access Increase 45% YoY Yearly source is Dew, Medium, US Police Aggregate Summary - Mainichi Newspaper

Finally began harvesting Oracle Database - orangeitems's diary

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TV anime "Yao, it is not!" Official website

TV anime "Yao, it is not!" Official website. That popular series finally animated! Broadcast decided in 2020! A salaryman's different world aristocratic one-entry episode opens!

Tsumimo 2020 TV animation second stage production decision! - YouTube

"Tsumumo" a little H OVA production support project - Fanbeats

"Tsukumono" Production declaration for TV animation in 2020! However, I want to make a little episode that OVA can not broadcast on TV! We will produce new limit animation release animation from the beginning in the event of the establishment of this project.

【Overseas VTuber latest repo】 Chinese edition: cultural differences to understand from platform |
MoguLive - entertainment media for "enjoying" virtual

"Theater version City Hunter [Shinjuku Private Eyes]" second announcement of this preliminary announcement | Great hits showing - YouTube

"Anthem ™" launch trailer - YouTube

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About the band "There is a woman" WASTE OF POPS 80s-90s

Beast God Thunder Liger, retired in Tokyo Dome next January - Wrestling: Nikkan Sports

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(PDF file) Sales up every year! Last year exceeded 2.6 million meals "Cream Cheese Teriyaki Burger" Resurrection Sales This year we use natural cheese for cream cheese

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