Headline news on February 18, 2019

Sharp announced that it will release three new models of mobile robot " RoBoHoN (RoboHon) " on February 27, 2019 (Wednesday). In addition to "SR - 03M - Y (LTE / 3G model)" and "SR - 04M - Y (Wi - Fi model)" that can biped, new seating type "SR - 05M - Y (Wi - Fi Model) "has been added to the lineup. In addition to the "Answering Machine" application that RoboHon in an answering machine senses a person, photographs are taken and the photograph is sent by e-mail to the user, and the real-time image is transmitted to a smartphone It is also possible to check with.

Release of three new models of mobile robot "RoBoHoN (RoboHon)" | News release: Sharp


Three new models of RoboHon appear like this. From the left is SR-03M-Y (LTE / 3G model), SR-04M-Y (Wi-Fi model), SR-05M-Y (Wi-Fi model). Each spec can be confirmed from here .

In addition to "Answering Machine" application and real time video transmission, voice operation of home appliances is possible through cooperation with an optional IoT remote control "eRemote mini ... ....

It is possible to learn programming using software "Robrick" which can be easily programmed in combination with objects on the block on a PC or tablet terminal.

The recommended retail price is "SR-03M-Y (LTE / 3G model)" by tax 180,000 yen, SR-04M-Y (Wi-Fi model) by tax 120,000 yen, SR-05M- Model) is 79,000 yen by tax.

By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

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