Headline news on October 22, 2018

To celebrate the women's tennis / Naomi Osaka players winning the first Japanese women's singles Grand Slam in the US Open in September 2018, " Cup Noodle Osaka Naomi Memorial Package " will be released . A design package featuring a dynamic sense of Osaka players and a number of words reminiscent of Osaka players will be used. The sale starts on October 29 (Monday), 2018, and the price is 180 yen per meal + tax.

Osaka 's comments are as follows.

This time, celebrations of the US Open championship, cup noodles containing my photos will be released. It is also four kinds. It's surprisingly happy. Please also buy it if you find it in the store. What I like most is curry. Which do you like?

By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

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[Apology] Apology and Notice on Bamboo Comics 'Entire Romantic Emotions' Episode 1 Ebook Edition | Takeshobo - TAKESHOBO -

Thank you very much for your patronage and patronage.

From the small company September 7, 2018, the symptom that the comic image became hard to see in the e-book edition, Volume 1 of "Watarai Wataru no romantic childhood friend manga of romance emotion" which was released was occurred .

In e-books, images are automatically reduced / enlarged depending on the display size of browsing environment (personal computer, smart phone, tablet), but when images of this work are mainly displayed in reduced form, This was due to the inclusion of processing that easily caused crushing and roughness.

I did not notice this point in making an e-book, and when I made the work under normal work, I got an issue from the reader after selling, and this problem was discovered. We have been producing thousands of e-books so far, but the phenomenon that occurred for the first time caused discovery and correspondence to be delayed. I am truly sorry.

In order to solve this problem, we negotiated with the electronic data production company, reworked the e-book version after applying more expressive processing, and started distribution of new data at each sales site. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to our readers, authors and other stakeholders.

As a reader who has purchased this work, at the electronic bookstore you purchased, we are sorry to trouble you, but we ask that you proceed with procedures such as re-downloading. Regarding the delivery method of the corrected version, since correspondence differs at each electronic book store, sorry to trouble you, but please check each bookstore like sorry to trouble you.

October 2018 Takeshobo Co., Ltd.

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"Yakitori suble" (released on November 5) | Nissin Food Group

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