Headline news on March 6, 2019

It was announced that the worldwide movie debut project of Sanrio character including Hello Kitty is ongoing. It is said that it is in the process of planning and development, it is not revealed whether the movie is live action, animation or CG.

Sanrio's President Shintaro Tsuji, President and CEO, said, "I am extremely pleased that many Sanrio characters, including friendship symbols, Hello Kitty, will be filmed in Hollywood.Through this film, every corner of the world I am sincerely hoping that circles of friendships, circles of friendship will spread, by heart. "

By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

False recognition born by "fake news" is difficult to rectify unless cognitive abilities are high - GIGAZINE

LEGO announces that it will use actual plants as a material for "plant block" - GIGAZINE

Objects that are thought as "crashed UFOs" appear in Google Maps - GIGAZINE

Possibility of the first country to eradicate cervical cancer by vaccination to appear - GIGAZINE

Successfully creating both superconductivity and insulation by shifting the angle between two layers of graphene - GIGAZINE

"Guardian of the Empire" Cartoon edition by Yu Ito is out of print, neither electronic book conversion nor GIGAZINE

Apollo 11 and the font which reached the moon while being prohibited by Nazis "Futura" - GIGAZINE

Combined boiled eggs of amazing softness with "putting in the ingredients", tried the power of super convenient home electric appliance "Slow Cooker" of only 3000 yen - GIGAZINE

The real magic specialty shop in London really sells from a cane or a witch pot until "a curse that does not put a bad guy at home (about 3600 yen)" - GIGAZINE

Cat catching drinks with cats "Cats pub" that is not cafe, Bag of Nails was such a place Repo - GIGAZINE

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Hayabusa 2 "Bullet hammering artificial crater" To next month's challenge | NHK News

Exhibition of the latest research introduction of feather Tyrannosaurus USA | NHK News

People who like penguins are surprised at the shocking facts about king penguin 's beak "Wow !? What do you mean?" - Togetter

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School girls concrete murder former boy bit a judge at trial of injury case | FRIDAY Digital

Before Ghosn, the bail is difficult to pay 1 billion yen after 6 days [Gone former chairman]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Gone former president bail | NHK News

And Ghosn gave a bail of 1 billion yen on the afternoon of 6th and was released on bail from the Tokyo detention center around 4:30 pm.

It is unusual for the defendant to deny bail on the case of the special investigative department who continues denying it before the procedure to arrange the points of the trial begins, which is unusual. A surveillance camera is installed at the entrance of the residence in the city, and PCs There are various conditions that make it impossible to contact stakeholders such as using mobile phones.

In addition, it means that attendance at the Board of Directors of Nissan and Renault is subject to the condition that the court 's prior permission is required.

The former president Ghosn has asserted nothing of innocence until now, but as long as the detention has been prolonged, I have retired from the top management of the three companies of Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi Motors built by Mitsubishi Motors, It is drawing attention.

"The one who speaks the truth is stronger," Abe said | Reuters

Eel suspected fishery eel female arrested chairman of the gangsters Kochi | NHK News

Great tsunami image "It is better to show it to elementary and junior high school students" 70% of victims and others | NHK News

Mizuho FG, this term 6820 billion yen loss Net income to 80 billion yen: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Moriho Gakuen problem Kanaguchi Former Chairperson "Opinion police investigation can not forgive" Osaka District Court | NHK News

Regarding the prosecuted contents, although it acknowledged partly, "I can not deny that I applied for a different fact than part of the kindergarten subsidy, my fault is frankly accepted." However, regarding the subsidy of the country I insisted on not guilty because I did not intend to cheat.

Prosecutors protested on the way to develop criticism of the investigation, but the former president crowned out the phrase "crown flower of the first blooming day" .

Meanwhile, the wife of the former president said that he was "not involved at all" and insisted on nothing innocent.

69-year-old company executive officer arrest stimulant drugs drink 28-year-old female died suspected | NHK News

Small 4 girls died also mothers who did not stop prosecution due to injury injuries | NHK News

Chiba District Public Prosecutors Office did not give the girls a meal about the 41-year old father of the 41-year-old father in a case where a girl of a fourth grade of elementary school died in Chiba prefecture Noda City and her parents were arrested for injuries, In addition, they charged with accusing themselves of death by adding assault such as placing a shower of cold water, and prosecuted charges of fatal injury. He also indicted a 32-year-old mother for injuring as a result of not stopping the assault of her husband.

"The same as a terrorist" reporter refused to cover the lecture of the Tokyo Newspaper · Mochizuki journal as this (1/5 pages) - Sankei news

Popular violence of private high school videos High school students and four boys arrested Niigata | NHK News

Last month, a video that two male students going to a private high school in Niigata City are assaulted by the group was posted on SNS "Instagram", and it was scattered by Twitter and others.

The students were killed and beaten up for a week after being beaten, and the police have proceeded with investigations, including analyzing videos posted on receiving damage reports.

Reconstruction at North Korea missile launch site Movement research group | NHK News

Burns 3-year-old girl neglected "Therapeutic method survey on the net rolled up" | NHK News

Scoop Idemitsu large-scale system failure, gasoline substitution claim also: Nikkei business electronic version

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"I lived in Tibet for ten years ..." A story that was told out by a train that I was surprised by the neighbor's aunt - Togetter

"Run even without users" "Sick feeling" Yamaguchi says that the bus line abolition briefing opinion is too sharp → Maximum marriage permitted by news - Togetter

From National Treasure to Manga "The Tale of Genji" Exhibition New York | NHK News

I want to use it as a writing dictionary Special dictionary catalog that reaches the itchy place - Four-dimensional word blog

A story of a student battling with the apartment's owner and fully recovering the security deposit - Gomi log

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Google Japan Blog: Google Maps in Japan will change! (Coming soon)

By renewing the map, it is easy to understand walking navigation, such as navigation with the landmark as a landmark, not only "turn right at convenience store" but also "turn right at convenience store", and more convenient transit in the coming months Features such as guidance and downloadable offline maps are added. We are not publishing the new Google Maps yet, but we plan to start offering within the next few weeks.

NHK Television Broadcasting Network Always Always Concurrently Revise Proposed Cabinet Decision | NHK News

Memorandum: About Article "Suspicion of wrong program writing" - Miscellaneous - About criminal law research and education

Memo (personal opinion) on the case of junior high school student guided by Hyogo prefectural police - IT journalist Mikami Yoho Office

When can we "buy" e-books? | Inuro | note

Guild of girls junior high school students who posted mischief script URL, ripples overseas - ZDNet Japan

Continue · Reflecting relationships between OSHIDA and OSS at GitHub - Machimachi technical blog

Acquired Kubernetes' certification "CKA" - Advice to those who will receive it - Footprints of Bibiri owl

Functional collaboration between Google and Treta will begin | Hitotsu | note

[Sad news] Googler, complaining about the bracket guidance case "Police, browsers are sandboxes? If you call it, I will tell you how the browser works, I can explain at the picture-story show": IT bulletin

2019 version · Introduction to Kubernetes cluster construction | Sakura Knowledge

Certificate misprint of reverse address of private address by DigiCert - ASnoKaze blog

Now and future of test automation - Yahoo! JAPAN Tech Blog

Can you break the fake news? Alibaba Develops AI Dema Classifier "Exact Rate 81%" Photo 1 international news: AFPBB News

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TV anime "Different World Cheat Mages" Official Site

An ordinary high school student, Taichi Nishimura, everywhere, Rin Azuma, a pretty model modeled outstanding in motor nerves.
Two people who were living a peaceful high school life suddenly one day,
It is enveloped in the magic of the strange magic team and strayed into a strange land.
There are terrible monsters living, and there are diverse races such as Beastman, Dwarf and Elf, like a fantasy world.
Taichi and Rin, led to a different world, decide to become "adventurers" to survive here,
With its aptitude test, it turned out that the two had "cheat" magical power ... ....

"Let's be a novelist", broke through the cumulative total of 1.4 million copies in the series,
Different world fantasy heroes by cheat magician finally made TV anime!

Family Computer Nintendo Switch Online Additional title [March 2019] - YouTube

"Dragon Quest X Online" large update notice video "version4.5" - YouTube

[DLC 5] Shadow of the Tomb Raider - THE PRICE OF SURVIVAL TRAILER - YouTube

PlayStation (R) 4 "ONE PIECE WORLD SEEKER" Game of the main part of the game (including the video at the beginning of the game) - YouTube

PUBG comes to "TERA"! - YouTube

To everyone at Vtuber and to the live commentators | News | Tokyo Cronos VR Mystery Adventure Game

SSSS.GRIDMAN OP song MV starts from the last cut of cartoon "Subsequent development of Akane Shinku" with real 13 episodes and people who are excited - Togetter

The time when game commentators are required and the time when "commentary" was disliked - the polar bear waste basket

VTuber ▷ # Towa Kiseki, finally over 70,000 followers to Rainbow Girl. Fan Art follows the truth of only "Gundam Astray Red Frame Reform" # towakiseki - Togetter

From "Yoshizaki version" seen in Friends of Tatsuki, director Kegono "Sawn" (comparison with Fure 2 without speech) - Togetter

"If you do not like it, you can spread the juice on the circle, bring it with the wooden sword at your opponent's house" The old neighborhood girls talk about the past is no longer the bebop high school ... "The truth is the city legend" also the voice of Togetter

It is not a miracle that Tosuwa Kiseki buzzed with red frame remodeling | Empty mood

A newcomer VTuber 'Towa Kiseki' triggered an overnight miracle. The Cause was Mobile Suit "Astray Red Frame Reform" |
MoguLive - entertainment media for "enjoying" virtual

【Financial Summary】 10th - 12th Game-related Companies ... The profit margin of the whole market sharply declines, DeNA and Colopla fell in deficit Reduction of "Ragnarok M" contributed Gan Ho varies | Social Game Info

"Shin · Evangelion Theatrical Version" Special News Report on voyeurism acts and uploading | Color Co., Ltd.

Aim for "Teto 1"! 999 gold points gift for 999 people! "Tetris ® 99" delivery memorial "Teto 1 cup" held decision! | Topics | Nintendo

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Nishikido Ryo to withdraw from Kanji Jani ∞ | Bunbun online

MONKEY MAJIK × Okazaki Sports / International Student - YouTube

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(PDF file) "Takanashi Kokutto milk oolong tea latte" using sweet and refreshing scented oolong tea (Tan Kannon tea) April 16, 2019 (Tue) [limited time new release released]

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