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Earth Pharmaceutical released "Mosquito Hosui Mosquito Sweeper" which attracts and captures mosquitoes using carbon dioxide generated by the proprietary special attractant and photocatalytic technology developed jointly by Tokyo University of Science and Uvix. The photocatalytic technology adopted is supervised by Mr. Akira Fujishima who is a photocatalytic reaction ( Honda - Fujishima effect ) discoverer. The suggested retail price is an open price.

Mosquitoes Hoi Hoi Mosquito Sweeper | Earth Pharmaceutical

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Google researchers announce technology that can predict heart disease simply by scanning the eyes - GIGAZINE

Young entrepreneurs feel that mail is too late and "outdated" - GIGAZINE

It is easy to read but it is easy to reproduce Chinese fonts which become funny "Esenapa J" - GIGAZINE

A thrilling movie that blows a bobsleigh course by bicycle - GIGAZINE

To the universe through the cable, the prospect for realization of "space elevator" to replace rocket - GIGAZINE

"The HDCP used for HDMI and DVI copyright protection is completely collapsed," experts pointed out - GIGAZINE

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It is the oldest white porcelain excavated at the ruins seen as the tomb of Cao Cao | NHK News

Huge deep sea fish Ryugounosukai world's first success to artificial hatching Okinawa | NHK News

Sea water can not drink sea snake, uncovered a mystery of hydration supplementation | National Geographic Japan version site

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Prosecutors charged with sexual crimes 8 years punishment | NHK Nagasaki prefecture news

The factory of Honda was made in Swindon, the southern part of Britain in 1985, and since the car production began in 1992, 3.5 million units have been sent out so far.

There are 3,500 people working at this factory and there are also a lot of related enterprises, and shock has spread to the announcement of closure in the local.

Fujitsu, 2850 people to retire early retirement Sales and engineers: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Both Starbuck and Kokoichi raise prices, "Stealth" to the limit: Nikkei Business Electronic Edition

"Takanawa gateway" Thin "non-partner" 70% impact degree JR East Japan "One time ago" ahead of time "| Kyodo News

Airborne F 2 fighter aircraft crashed Two people in boarding consciousness awareness Yamaguchi Oki | NHK News

Honda withdraws ripples spread in the UK | NHK News

Shooting at the time of living protection application "Correspondence to unlawful receipt" correspondence? : Asahi Shimbun Digital

Listen to Famima "24 hour quitting" owner "What happened to the time sales business?" - Attorney Dot Com

[Breaking news] Not guilty to surgeon charged with obscenity (Shoko Egawa) - Individual - Yahoo! News

Doctor who was charged with losing her heart after surgery, not guilty Tokyo District Court: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Junior high school student for 2 years sentenced to confinement Teraiuchi was sentenced to 12 years in Tokyo High Court ruling - Mainichi Newspaper

Appearance of 'second optibo' or examination on leukemia new medicine 20th: Nikkei newspaper

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First thing heard by Takashi Konagami's mother to SOS who said "The 4-year old daughter is not cute" (1/4) <dot.> | AERA dot. (Aeradot)

First of all, please sleep properly, have time for one person, find a person who can consult with you.

Demonstration in a certain kitchen → A movie teaching Mr. Bytz to how to make that egg of omurice is talked about "The one he wanted to do!" - Togetter

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Hiroki Takagi @ diary at home - Coinhive incident, why does not it correspond to electromagnetic record illegal command No. 2

Web application Free management recommendation: Firebase and Nuxt (Vue) are the strongest! - Qiita

"Feature Quantity Engineering for Machine Learning" was good, so sell a flavor to a translator - Stimulator

Bibliographic data of the National Diet Library can be used freely regardless of purpose for use from April | National Diet Library - National Diet Library

2019 Version: Skill Requirements of Data Scientist / Machine Learning Engineer, and Expected Background - Data Scientist Blog Working in Roppongi

Was Bill Gates the smartest person at Microsoft? Friedenberg Momoko Friedenberg's response to Quora

Predicting material from recipe title ???? - Cookpad Developer Blog

Fighting libraries and freedom of information - Library · Freedom Project (Hatta Mayumi) - Individual - Yahoo! News

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Movie "Birthday · Wonderland" 90 seconds notice [HD] released on April 26, 2019 (Friday) - YouTube

TV animation "If it's for my daughter, I may possibly beat the devil. "Official site

Talking about people who do not want to pass the "tunnel" of the story - Togetter

[Anime Review] Another World Complete Talk with Smartphones Report B: Class B Movie Review Platoon

Theater version "Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel]" Ⅱ.lost butterfly Visitor benefit 7th week "Sudo Tomonoka drawing down A4 memorial board" Introduction video - YouTube

Devil May Cry 5 - HYDE Collaboration Trailer (Long version) - YouTube

PlayStation (R) 4 "ONE PIECE WORLD SEEKER" "Pirate Karma" System introduction PV - YouTube

"Fort Knight" Drift Board - YouTube

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Tilda Swinton Feature - Cinema Break

"The uniform appearance of idol is serious" Korean concrete example and criticism: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"The farce play award" Entry No. 1 Tokyo tasting edition (Movie "Shoken to Saitama" released February 22 (Friday)) - YouTube

"The farce play award" Entry No. 2 hometown showdown ~ YOSHIKIvs Takamizawa ~ Hen (Movie "Shokonto Saitama" released February 22 (Friday)) - YouTube

"Dream Theater Award" Entry No. 3 Couple Quarrels (Movie "Shoken to Saitama" released February 22 (Friday)) - YouTube

"The farce play award" entry No. 5 psita malaria edition (movie "Shokonto Saitama" released February 22 (Friday)) - YouTube

"The farce play award" entry No. 6 Soka rice cracker edition (Movie "Shoken to Saitama" released February 22 (Friday)) - YouTube

Takatoshi Okawa talks about "The Science of Happiness" Reason for Splitting "Forced Marriage with Shimizu Fumika" | Bun Ho Online

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Asahi fare set menu new release! | News | Matsuno Ya · Matsunoi · Chicken Tea

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