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Exhibition " Sid Meade Exhibition PROGRESSIONS TYO 2019 " exhibiting 150 points out of the enormous work history of Mr. Sid Mead, a world-class industrial designer, will be displayed from April 27 (Sat) It will be held at Arts Chiyoda 3331 till the 19th (Sunday).

In this original exhibition, 50 original works carefully selected from Mr. Mr.'s huge archive, "Star Trek" published in 1979 when Mr. Mead was involved in the movie for the first time, "Blade Runner" released in 1982 and its sequel Sketches and illustrations such as "Blade Runner 2049" released in 2017, "Alien 2" released in 1986, illustration, unreleased design of unproducted movies, works related to "YAMATO 2520" and "∀ Gundam" Exhibits including public ones will be held.

Tickets will be released on Eplus on Saturday, February 16, 2019 at 10 o'clock. The general ticket is 1800 yen advance sale, 2000 yen on the day. Students (under college students and vocational school students and under) are 1000 yen, and elementary school students and under are free. Tickets with special specification pamphlets with cover sheets different from the brochures sold at the venue are 5000 yen, tickets with "SYD MEAD 1969" postcard set (18 points) sold at the venue are 5000 yen. The ticket with an exclusive award special case to the "Turn A Gundam" or "YAMATO 2520" postcard set (5 points each) at the venue is 2800 yen.

Mr. Sid Meade

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Mitochondria · Eve was not the mother of all human beings (Surgical practice) | Blue Bucks | Kodansha (1/2)

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Even Prime Minister "All in charge of all things" Statement irregularity report is unread: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Famima Children's Cafeteria "Listen to the burden of affiliated stores in the area, not regional poverty reduction measures" - lawyer dot com

The menus that are offered are not special, they are sold in general.

During the trial, in addition to small lunch boxes, salads, sweets, and drinks, dishes prepared inside cooking such as "Famchiki" were offered. All costs are owned by headquarters.

The participation fee of "100 yen for children (below elementary school student) and 400 yen for parents (above junior high school students)" will be used for operating expenses, but profits are unlikely to be seen even if you look at the provided products.

"Since it is important to maintain sustainability, the headquarters will accompany it so that the burden of franchisees is as small as possible" (headquarters)

If participation is freedom, it seems to be said that it can be said that it is a mechanism that made while paying attention to the burden of the member store side.

Government ruling party adjusted the reference value of real wage not to announce - Mainichi Newspaper

Regarding the fraud investigation problem of "Monthly Labor Statistics" announced by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the Government and ruling parties are urging the opposition to clarify "Reference value of real wages" from January to November 2018 for the time being unpublished for the time being Adjustment has started. Opposition parties showed their own estimate that real wage growth rate will be negative compared to the same month the previous year in the same period "in the same period, and Nemoto Minemi Nemoto said that the House of Representatives Budget Committee in fact voted to answer this Although it was "difficult to recount," it was showing a passive attitude towards the public announcement.

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TV anime "Vineland Saga" 1st Anime PV - YouTube

"Movie Congratulations on this wonderful world! The Legend of the Red Morning 2nd bullet - YouTube

"Theatrical version City Hunter [Shinjuku Private Eyes]" tomorrow open | Friday, February 8 National road show - YouTube

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Tomohiro Machiyama Tells the movie "Vice"

Vicious tackle "no suspicion" is not "unreasonable" (Egawa Shoko) - individual - Yahoo! News

Criticized that Ariana Grande is the theft of culture, we withdraw Japanese goods from the site - Togetter

【Direct Strike】 Data Analysis Professional Group Revolutionizing DeNA (1/3 Page) - Baseball - SANSPO.COM (Sansupo)

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Which one are you from? Newly refreshing ginger soy sauce "Chikenta tuta" Umayaki no yaku "Chikentareta" also appears in morning Mac! Limited time sale from Wednesday, 13th | McDonald's Japan

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