Headline News for March 19, 2019

With the anime ' Pastor Memories ' on air since January 2019, the discontinuation of Blu-ray & DVD release and the suspension of the first and second episodes were announced. According to the announcement, the first edition will be distributed on Tuesday, March 26, 2019, but the second edition will be March 25, 2019, as it was determined by the 'production committee's decision'. Delivery will be stopped on Sunday (Mon). In addition, the release of all three Blu-ray & DVD volumes has been discontinued, and instead, one Blu-ray BOX with the number of episodes and video benefits excluding episode 2 will be released on June 5, 2019 (Wednesday). That.

It is unclear which part the production committee judged and how it was, but since this work is a 'chaos' work that incorporates parody elements considerably, it is thought that there may be a hooked part in it . ... Is that allegi and sore of other episodes all right?

【Important Notice】 | News | TV Anime 'Pastor Memories' [Pas Memo] Official Site

Anime 'Passable Memories' 3rd PV-YouTube

© FURYU / 'Pastel Memories' Production Committee

By the way, such an article was published on the same day in the past on the same day.

It turns out that Dr. Hawking had completed 'the final dissertation' two weeks before death-GIGAZINE

With the advent of a virtuoso 'I made a system that I can etch with girls' with VR, a two-stage stance on hardware and software-GIGAZINE

A wild rat that has been seen by humans turns out to change in appearance-GIGAZINE

'Mini independent country' revival of the awful country will become, anime 'Sakura Quest' preceding screening meeting + cast talk show report-GIGAZINE

Linear Shikoku first landing · Fate / Zero cafe screening etc 'Pet ★ Asobi Vol. 4' report-GIGAZINE

【訃】】 国 国 桂 G-GIGAZINE

◆ neta (memo, various other)
Misaki Sakai Muscle as 'Sakai Muscle' Official Site of Osaka Metro | Joint communication

◆ Science (Science, Learning, Technology)
HAYABUSA 2: HAYABUSA 2 collision experiment, conducted on April 5 Artificially make a crater-Mainichi Shimbun

The Ministry of the Environment Makes Demonstration Project to Recover CO2 in the Atmosphere | NHK News

◆ Society, politics, economy (case, world news, business)

Before the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games, the government is trying to drive a taxi company using a car as “universal design taxis” that can be ridden on wheelchairs are being rejected Established a policy to oblige the training of

The name of 'Hankyu Soba' disappears, and 'Wakana Soba' gets close to the station: Asahi Newspaper Digital

The entire Hankyu Soba branch, which operates on the premises of Hankyu Corporation's main stations, etc., will change its name to Wakana Soba from April 1. Hankyu Hanshin Restaurants, which is operating, announced on the 18th. Hankyu Soba opened in Hankyu 13 Station Home in April 1967 as Kansai Private Railway's first standing eating soba and udon shop, but the business will be transferred due to rising labor costs and labor shortages.

Uyghur Detention 'The Purpose of Vocational Training' Chinese Government Justified | NHK News

The Chinese government has released a 'white paper' for the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, and the international community has pointed out that many Uyghur tribes are unfairly detained. In effect, it justified the restraint.

False news ban in Russia is enacted fear of Internet speech restrictions | Joint communication

Regulations by law do not apply to mass media such as televisions and newspapers.

Floods in Southeast Africa Over 300 Dead People | NHK News

In Southeast Africa, heavy rains began in early this month, and a cyclone 'Idai' landed on the 14th, and it was hit by heavy rain and strong winds in a wide area, and floods continued in many places.

Deterioration in the economy 49%, consumption tax 55% against Asahi Asahi poll: Asahi Shimbun digital

According to the national opinion poll conducted by Asahi Shimbun on the 16th and 17th on the phone, when you hear that the economy has worsened, 49% say 'the economy has deteriorated', exceeding 41% of 'I do not think so' The The 10% consumption tax hike scheduled for October was 55% against (50% last November) and 38% against 44%.

Tanaka Ryusaku Journal | 'Sakura Pond scary' against the government hearing all the bureaucrats suspicious

When the opposition secretariat informed the Ministry of Finance of the presence of the former Chairman and Mrs. Tsujiike at 12:30, the Ministry of Finance sent an absence notice at 13:00. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and the Board of Audits have also announced absences to follow the Ministry of Finance.

When asked the Ministry of Finance for reasons, he said, 'I can not sit with the civilians.'

The secretariat of the opposition said that 'Amishi (Junping) lawyer is present at the joint opposition hearing on statistical irregularities,' said the Ministry of Finance, saying 'I don't know Mr. Akashi.' It is a horrible 'know'.

Fukushima Daiichi contaminated water, approaching limit Strong resistance to ocean discharge: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Ex-nursing assistant reexamination start decision of Shiga unvented respiratory killing case: Asahi Shimbun digital

Osaka monorail extension 4 stations newly established, Ministry of Foreign Affairs approved: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

External research committee of Leopalace 21, founder, Keisuke Fukayama and progress report as the root of any evil

New Gen. Who is to announce 'Under consideration' Prime Minister | NHK News

Hasukilpe pulls commercials from Fuji TV |

Ube Industries Metal scraps for raw materials such as confectionery, etc. Hurry up from the shipping destination

Voluntary collection of 140,000 bags of 'Yamazaki biscuits' | NHK News

Police 'Because you are a lawyer in an evil organization, the result of confession is atonement ... acquittal for international married couples-Lawyer dot com

Determination of new long-distance train name, exterior and equipment nickname: JR West Japan

'Vade disappears from the name of the world' Change bill passed by the House of Representatives | NHK News

Tokyo Shimbun: 'Mr. Akie's staff, meeting with senior executives' Konoike insisted, Moriyu reduced in amount: Society (TOKYO Web)

Financial assets held by individuals decrease by about 1830 trillion yen for two and a half years | NHK News

Taxis that can be ridden by wheelchairs are refusing to train drivers for training | NHK News

A major US financial services company buys a settlement company for 4.8 trillion yen (Photo: Reuters): Nihon Keizai Shimbun

New Era, for the first time in Japanese classical origin? Double theory with Chinese nationality is also [from Heisei to Shingengo]: Asahi Shimbun digital

The BOJ's share of government bonds is falling, and it is the first time since the 13th year of the start of multidimensional mitigation-end of December-Bloomberg

Akebono Prize writer detention in Henoko protest, reparation order to the country |

Suspected assault on Indonesian man in front of mosque 41-year-old man arrested | NHK News

Chuo-Ku, information leak investigation = convenience report group advance report: Jiji dot com

About 40% of infections from people not aware of HIV positive US CDC Report 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

What J PRIDE: A person with a knife on the bullet train! Dispatch of police by report ... that? The fruit is near Shizuoka city

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
The BBC is spreading the misconception that 'Japanese pensioners want to go to jail'

I would like to taste that sugar once it came with yogurt! 'Unique touch and melt feeling' How I enjoyed it and how to get it now-Togetter

◆ IT · gadget (net, software, hardware, mobile)
'Sins on fraudulent instruction electromagnetic records' Disclosure requirements such as constituent requirements to each prefectural police | IT Discussion

Bankruptcy map closed, operator apologies 'sorry'-lawyer.com

March 18 About inquiries about the site to release the address and name of the bankruptcy-Sakura support information

I tried to summarize the unauthorized access to Lifebear-piyolog

I listened to the story that 'Amazon's prime video is difficult' | Tsutomu Sogitani | note

Psychological safety and introduction of Vein Psychological safety and introduction of Vein

'Stop IE based on online service' Osaka City Council approves written opinion-Mainichi Shimbun

Monitor room air with Raspberry Pi Zero W and Stackdriver Monitoring-YAMAGUCHI :: weblog

Google Cloud Japan Official Blog: No Spam-Using TensorFlow to Remove Over 100 Million New Spam Messages from Gmail

◆ Anime · Games · Manga (Sub-Carl)
TV anime 'One Punch Man' second phase PV second episode-YouTube

'Nino country II Revanant Kingdom' Large DLC 2nd edition Wizard's book introduction trailer-YouTube

'99% of the Cheetah is Chinese' is a hoax-a bit of a story I can not write on Twitter

Painful news (no ∀`): NZ gun jerk, popular game affected the crime or 'Fort knight trained me to murderers'-Livedoor Blog

Super Real Mahjong PV Notice of Suspension | Super Real Mahjong OFFICIAL SITE

◆ Sports, Entertainment, Music, Film (Entertainment)

JOC Takeda Chairman Retires at the end of June | NHK News

[Sad news] Mr. Pierre, the real face is exposed one after another from home neighborhood and home neighborhood people] What J] Summary Taro!

6: If the wind blows, no name 2019/03/19 (Tue) 07: 21: 23.94 ID: GiB + itQxM
Just good people regular

Baystars vs. Tigers beat 8-4! 14 hits onslaught! : Bay Stars Bulletin @ What J

◆ New product (clothes, food, housing)
Launched the first green tea “Suntory Natural Water GREEN TEA” from the “Suntory Natural Water” brand | News Release | Suntory Foods International

'-196 ° C Strong Zero <Maruguru Lychee>' Limited Time Release March 19, 2019 News Release Suntory

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