Headline News for March 26, 2019

Sony will release a compact camera ' RX0 II ' with a 1.0-type image sensor mounted on a compact and robust body with waterproof and dustproof performance on Friday, April 12, 2019. The size is about 59mm x 40.5mm x 35mm and weighs about 132g including battery and microSD card. The price is an open price, and the estimated price is estimated to be around 85,000 yen.

Released the world's smallest and lightest ※ 1 compact compact camera 'RX0 II' such as in-body recording of 4K video and tilt LCD loading | Press Release | Sony

By the way, such an article was published on the same day in the past on the same day.

What is the 'how to get to sleep within 2 minutes' developed by the US Navy during World War II? -GIGAZINE

【訃】 作家 作家 知 レ ッ ド 作家 作家 G-GIGAZINE

I have eaten 'Mashirice' of Tachikawa Masashi who has turned Jiro-style ramen into super-doka-rich meat messi with Mashi-GIGAZINE

Cameras overseer all over the woman being kidnapped escapes from car trunk-GIGAZINE

Original theater animation '' Poppin Q '' special talk event '' report that new short story production was announced-GIGAZINE

We have seen the only 'bon curry rice vending machine' in Japan still operating-GIGAZINE

Project for 'Animation Culture 100 Years Later' starts to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Japanese animation-GIGAZINE

Cosplay & Costume & Companion's Photos Coloring the Venue of AnimeJapan 2016-GIGAZINE

I tried to cook meat and shrimp on a tabletop BBQ stove 'Barbecue Village Kurukuru' that automatically rotates the skewer of barbecue-GIGAZINE

I added ingredients and pressed a button to make a soup on my own and tried using the 'Soup maker DSMW-148' with the heat retention function-GIGAZINE

Human waste is found to contain billions of yen worth of rare metals such as gold, silver and copper-GIGAZINE

'Tire pump seat post' usage review that becomes a tube-inflated tube when the seat post is removed-GIGAZINE

◆ neta (memo, various other)

◆ Science (Science, Learning, Technology)
Japanese tobacco dependence, inheritance and correlation RIKEN analysis: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Yoichiro Kajitani, a team leader at RIKEN, analyzed the genetic information of approximately 160,000 Japanese, and found that there was a correlation between their dependence on tobacco and their genetic characteristics. We have found Japanese genetic traits that have not been reported in prior Western studies. If you change the way you quit smoking according to your dependency, you can make your smoking cessation more effective.

'No size for space suit' First ever woman's cancellation of overboard activity | NHK News

The cat's arrival was Yayoi era. The exhibition room has been redesigned for the first time in 36 years-Sankei News

◆ Society, politics, economy (case, world news, business)
700 foreign students are missing Visit to Tokyo University of Welfare | NHK News

The government and the Bank of Japan meet at a sharp drop in share

Confidentiality of the new era, holding of mobile pilgrimage of government officials [From Heisei to the new era]: Asahi Shimbun digital

'Local products' for which this is recognized A new standard in hometown tax payment return items | NHK News

Assaulted Hanufu customers of “Japanese clothes” in China Wuhan University, accused of correspondence |

US 'Russia dispatches to Venezuela' Russia 'US interferes with domestic affairs' | NHK News

China French Airbus 300 'brake buying' strengthen ties with Europe | NHK News

Iwakura Masakazu reprimands professionals Corporate legal experts | Joint communication

Gifu's sewing, technical intern 20 years of survival Life after another illegal act: Asahi Shimbun digital

Convenience store owner, 'speak' request to Seven ... On the 'complement' ground of the Central Labor Relations Commission-lawyer dot com

President Trump 'full innocence' Opposition revolts to pursue in parliament | NHK News

It is unfair to relegate and transfer to 'sexual harassment prosecution'.

Sumitomo Corporation arrests former employee Sexually assaulted university students on OB visit: Asahi newspaper digital

A woman stabbed in an apartment died and the whereabouts of a man who went away Tokyo Suginami | NHK News

President of Mexico urges Spain to apologize for colonial rule 'atrocities' 1 international news: AFPBB News

Sakurada Olympics, excuse a misdemeanor 'I just said at home': Asahi Shimbun digital

HPV vaccine defamation, ordering publishers to pay ¥ 3.3 million Tokyo District Court-Attorney.com

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)

◆ IT · gadget (net, software, hardware, mobile)
Google Webmaster Official Blog: Website traffic is integrated into regular URLs

'Reverse April Fools' exists or becomes a fish if you keep lying-an adventure over Netroa

Coinhive case, tomorrow's decision 'virus sin' one after another atrophy is also atrophy-lawyer dot com

What is the fear of the Hyogo prefectural police burakuku-bonotake's diary

How to make a secure website roughly summarized part1-Qiita

Digital product sales site 'DLmarket' to end of service ~ It is necessary to make a drastic rework to prevent the recurrence of unauthorized access-HON.jp News Blog

Why do we think it is necessary to have observables (observability)-YAMAGUCHI :: weblog

Make a note of the curriculum from inexperience to 7 days in the field as a coder-Qiita

◆ Anime · Games · Manga (Sub-Carl)
After all my youth romantic comedy is wrong. The third announcement PV-YouTube

'Prisma ☆ Phantasm' 1st PV-YouTube

TV anime 'Machikado Mask' official website | TBS TV

TV Anime 'Senki Zessho Symphogear XV' Teaser Site

TV Animation 'One Way of Science' Special TVCM / A Certain Scientific Accelerator CM-YouTube


TV Anime 'Astra Astra' PV-YouTube

'A Different World Karutetto' Bansen CM-YouTube

TV Anime 'Dororo' 4th Anime PV-YouTube

Final Fantasy VII for Nintendo Switch-YouTube

Battlefiled V Chapter 2 Trailer-YouTube

'Ash and the Magic Brush' Story Trailer-YouTube

Apple monopolized developers with the highest track record on smartphones. Explain the anomalous luxury of the Apple Arcade lineup

[GDC 2019] I tried to sell the game on Steam with 'no publicity cost' without even opening the website-Swiss developers report the results of an unprecedented sales experiment-4Gamer.net

Hi-Ten Bomberman Author and Production Environment – Colorful Pieces of Game

Design development magazine # 1 Story depicting concept art-beyond-the-field-tcg's blog

Team strategy analysis based on the outcome model of Splatoon Koshien distribution video-Dwango Media Village (Dwango Media Village, dmv)

Demonstrate overseas artists in three stages as they step up #oldmiddlenew-Togetter

Oharu Yasuharu talks with Oharu Yasuhiro 15th person talking game. Impressions battle of the Gachinko game with the addition of the US Chief Kunio Yu Nagase Sei [back on Heisei no Shokai world] | Shogi column | Japan Shogi Federation

'FINAL FANTASY VII' continues to be loved by many game fans. After 22 years, released today on the Nintendo Switch! Topics | Nintendo

◆ Sports, Entertainment, Music, Film (Entertainment)
NHK adheres to Mamoru Oshii's new live-action film shooting. 30 days broadcast on 'absolute supervision' BS1-AV Watch

News Up There is no crime in the work? Pierre's work series ripples of 'self-indulgence' | NHK News

Pro baseball players' association 'active duty draft' 'FA period shortening' such as suggestions, antitrust law in the background-lawyer dot com

An interview with Jinjuku bringing in a new concept of 'retirement and team' in the second career of the idol (Masaki Iita)-Personal-Yahoo! News

◆ New product (clothes, food, housing)
Introducing 'Real Gold Ultra Charge Lemon' Released nationwide from April 1 (Mon): The Coca-Cola Company

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