Headline News for March 28, 2019

The “Hello Kitty”, which celebrated its 45th anniversary, the “Mobile Suit Gundam”, which is the 40th anniversary, and the “ Gundam vs Hello Kitty Project, ” in which two national characters face each other, were announced. At first Marugame Seimen from April 2 (Tuesday) to May 19 (Sun), 'Confrontation' will be held at Ito-Yokado specialty store street from May 1 (Wed) to May 6 (Mon) .

By the way, such an article was published on the same day in the past on the same day.

A book of action MORPG's 'Diablo', a game that shines in the history of games, is on display-GIGAZINE

Aluminum foil blacksmith who beats aluminum foil and heats it to make a kitchen knife appeared-GIGAZINE

Go Nagai hopes to see 'quickly' in 'DEVILMAN crybaby', which director Masaaki Yuasa said, 'Create for the original last scene' and 'Draw Asuka Ryo'-GIGAZINE

Japan's Shining Mud Dumplings became art abroad-GIGAZINE

I stayed at the ONOMICHI U2 complex where you can stay by bike in Onomichi overlooking the Shimanami Kaido-GIGAZINE

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◆ Science (Science, Learning, Technology)

From Hideyoshi to Kato Kiyomasa Seal command found in Korea dispatch first thing is Aichi | NHK News

◆ Society, politics, economy (case, world news, business)
The prime minister and the former Democratic Party administration criticize, child allowances circulation “At that time, there are many who think that they are fools”-Mainichi Shimbun

UK Prime Minister May Resign to the ruling party after passing a draft EU withdrawal agreement | Reuters

Doctor overtime work Exception 1860 hours Overwork death line significantly overrun | NHK News

Strengthening support measures for the utilization of human resources in the “Glacier Job Age” generation Government | NHK News

It will not end if it is as it is now ... 'The documentary' of 'Moryu case'-YouTube

Suddenly closed kindergarten 'half of the planned admission admission is not established' | NHK News

The high court overturns the decision of a prisoner former employee Koransha bail for murder murder | NHK News

Toyota and Honda 'tag' in the new transportation service company 'Monet' | NHK News

The Prime Minister May Resigns After Approval of the Withdrawal Agreement 'Absolute Tactic'-Mainichi Shimbun

Metal parts in rice fields fall from aircraft or just under Narita Airport flight route | NHK News

Matsuhashi case, acquittal for murder crime Kumamoto district court 'no crime proof': Asahi Shimbun digital

Disposable plastic bans across Europe EU parliament approves bill 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

Resistant virus from more than 70% of patients with influenza treatment 'Zophusa' | NHK News

Is the 'news station' that reports Yuri Geller's 'supernatural power' a news program? (Shoko Egawa)-Personal-Yahoo! News

House flames 'tempura forgot to burn out, break': Domestic: Yomiuri Shimbun Online

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)

70% of job hunting students are away ... why 'hidden as a substitute for work' is rapidly increasing | Daily Gendai DIGITAL

'I can not understand the difference in pronunciation even if I study' Foreign Phase | NHK News

High school students who are troubled, it is too early to choose 'Faculty of Psychology' |

News Up Why young people in Hong Kong get married in Aomori | NHK News

Painful News (No∀ `): First Warning for Ramen Jiro' Please eat within 15 minutes '-Livedoor Blog

Strange habit of 'determining the salary considering the previous job'-De-lived blog

'To a girl who has been manicured with a high-speed bus' Rethink the dangers of using highly volatile paint in areas where ventilation is not possible-Togetter

◆ IT · gadget (net, software, hardware, mobile)
Google Developers Japan: Neural networks visualize what they are watching Activation Atlas

Are NTTCom employees really engaged in rugby club members? -show log @yuyarin

We made a request to the Hyogo Prefectural Police to disclose information on 'crimes concerning fraudulent order electromagnetic recording' (Part 3)-donkey electron clogged up

How Japanese software engineers do high-impact work in the US-Method Shop Blog

Giving to a Web App Engineer Thinking of Serverlessness in Application Development / The concept of serverless in application development-Speaker Deck

The Backside of Large-scale Services Changing with Ruby on Lambda / Ruby on Lambda makes a change to Eight's backend-Speaker Deck

JIT can be used with PHP8-Qiita

Start offering Amazon Alexa skill 'pixiv today's title'! It's easier to find your drawing theme |

“FamilyDotTM (Family Dot)” allows you to check where your family is at any time on your smartphone | Sourcenext Company Site

About NTT Com's Technology Recruitment-A Lifelong Diary of a Certain University of Technology

Ended offering of Hatena Haiku-Hatelabo Developer Blog

◆ Anime · Games · Manga (Sub-Carl)
TV animation 'Occult civil servant of midnight' PV third-YouTube

<Story> Festival ~ 10th Annivarsary Story ~ 2nd PV-YouTube

Just before release Trinity highlight point-YouTube

'ULTRAMAN' feature video / 'ULTRAMAN birth!'-YouTube

People who question the reputation of the Chemrixa and Takutsuki director are too high. 'The director's believer is too noisy' 'Tatsuki is not the director'-Togetter

【# ム ー ク リ 回 last-viewer】 “I was glad to believe in Tatsuki” Impressions and highlights of the final round. And plenty of fan art-Togetter

A story that declined to be animated. (Nanase summer door @ Nanase Natsuhi)-Kakyumu

Though it was 'Soloy Soyuz' which was released on December 15, 2017, there was actually an offer for animated theater. This is the story until we refuse it. It is not a disclosure or accusation, but a report to readers who have just supported.

'TSUBURAYA GALAXY' 4.12 first issue! Premium digital media that considers the future from Tsuburaya's fantasy science story, design, technology-YouTube

TV Animation 'If it was for my daughter, I could possibly defeat the Demon King.告知 Animated announcement PV-YouTube

Game market's first exhibit that sold 380 self-made board games-Introduction | Yoshihiro Shindo | note

◆ Sports, Entertainment, Music, Film (Entertainment)
Mr. Kobayashi Yoshinori, assault damage NGT Yamaguchi Mayo 'is good on a beautiful top'-Entertainment Society-SANSPO.COM

Hoshi Hou · Hayashi Kazunari rages at the signature stealing of Narashino 'I have proof. I can show you here in the video' and: Nanji Great Stadium @ What J Summary

◆ New product (clothes, food, housing)
A sweet break honey mustard from the Koikeya Minutes series for individual meals.

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