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The final Web voting for the “ New Type Anime Award 2018-2019 ” has started. This year's voting targets are broadcasted, distributed, screened, and released from July 2018 to June 2019. The deadline for voting is August 31, 2019. After the aggregation, the stage event of “

Machi Asobi vol.23 ” will be held from October 12 (Sat) to October 14 (Mon), 2019. Results will be announced.

New Type Anime Award 2018-2019 Final Vote! | WebNewtype

The “Monthly New Type September issue” released on August 9, 2019 (Tuesday) is the cover and the first feature of the bookThe Case of Lord Elmerloy II -The Magic Eye Collection Train Grace note- ”. In addition, the movie version “Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel]” released in the spring of 2020 is featured.

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`` Fully automatic laser scarecrow '' that drives away harmful birds that eat and destroy crops with a laser beam appeared-gigazine

Research result that `` If you drink alcohol, you are likely to eat junk food at night and easily lead to obesity ''-GIGAZINE

Cutting-edge of the clone dog business that creates a clone of `` pet once dead ''-gigazine

I have infiltrated the event `` Cyber Girl Shiro Birth Festival '' commemorating the first anniversary of Virtual YouTuber `` Cyber Girl Shiro ''-GIGAZINE

Is “Kanza-wa ice”, which is the topic of foreigners saying “Japanese ice does not melt” really melt? I actually left it at room temperature and confirmed it-gigazine

How the idea of manipulating gravity was born, Shinichiro Toyama of `` GRAVITY DAZE 2 '' and composer Jun Tanaka interview-GIGAZINE

The Huffington Post founder Ariana Huffington resigned as editor-in-chief, why? -GIGAZINE

In Eua Island full of pigs in Tonga, I also encountered a sight of breastfeeding on the roadside-GIGAZINE

◆ Story (Memo / Others)
Example Scene [Official] Animation / Video-
Nico Nico Douga

How to tan bullfrog skin | I tried to make a smartphone case with frog leather |

◆ Science (Science / Academic / Technology)

◆ Society, politics, economy (incidents, world news, business)
Shinji Miyadai 'Daisuke Tsuda is too immature, and the turmoil is a good opportunity' [Expression inconvenience exhibition, then]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Parents of protected children in childhood rampage ... A woman takes a handgun from a policeman: Domestic: Yomiuri Shimbun Online

Creation and criticism of 'kill list' Kamijo City Council, Tsuda-Sankei News

Hong Kong demonstration `` signs of terrorism '' Chinese government condemned: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Manga village, reward for uploading “40,000 to 100,000 yen a month”: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Samsung, alternative route for procurement of semiconductor materials from Belgium: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Passengers banned if participating in the demonstration China warning to Hong Kong Cathay Airlines (Photo = Reuters): Nikkei Newspaper

NHK News arrests one of the central characters of Manga Village or a 37-year-old man | NHK News

Kadokawa, various recovery due to loss of Kawango system: market situation Kabukawa full strength 2 stories

“Secret weapon” experiment that caused “Russian explosion accident” that radiation dose also increased: Jun Koizumi | Russian room | Shinchosha Foresight | Membership international information site

Delta Air Lines to Withdraw from Narita All US routes to Haneda | NHK News

What's wrong with those who say that Rewa severely disabled members are 'special treatment' and 'privilege privileges'? | Wenchu online

Yaji exclusion to the prime minister Protest demonstration in Sapporo City 'The policeman explains and apologies'-Mainichi Newspaper

Rich suicide prosecuted for sexual exploitation = friendship with Mr. Trump, government investigation-US: current affairs dot com

US prosperous prosecution of girl prostitution, ripple in political and business world Israeli fire: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Takashi Uesugi becomes N secretary general in Tokyo-general meeting-Mainichi Newspaper

Rikunabi issue, Toyota also purchases “decided decline rate” data: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Running bike boy falls seriously injured rescue man dies in fall | NHK News

Police crossing pedestrian crossing, unstoppable car “Olympic measures” strengthens detection: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Hong Kong Demonstration Fires at Australian University, Democratic Supporting Students Harassment of Mainlanders 9 Photos International News: AFPBB News

South Korea President stressed the need to deal with calm | NHK News

Cosplayers and cartoonists who sympathize with Japanese culture, 9 people detained in China | NEWS Post Seven

Argentine assets plunged, peso lows-shocked by presidential primaries-Bloomberg

Forced to stop at high speed and kill `` I will kill '' face ... (19/08/12)-YouTube

◆ Lifestyle (Life / Life / Health)

Why in Japan `` retribution to the world '' creates a demon rather than a terrorist (Shoji Rokujo)-Individual-Yahoo! News

Why soldiers lined up at comfort stations and why men overreact to the “comfort women” issue – “harmful masculinity” that binds men from pre-war to modern times (2019/08/09 19:30) | Saizo Woman

Development record of new technology `` zigzag knitting '' that stretches even though it is a crochet-Togetter

The end of the technique of apologizing subordinates who have no complaints in dealing with complaints and putting them in a circle-lawyer

I will ask the atheist. How would you answer when your 5-year-old daughter on the death floor asks, 'If you die, go to heaven?' -Quora

At the hotel where I stayed at my homecoming house, there was a reunion where I didn't attend 'Eh, by chance ...' 'I want to laugh, can I laugh?'-Togetter

A cross-section of the “Great Blue Hole”, a vacant hole in the sea, also called “Sea Bed of the Monster” is horribly interesting-Togetter

Interaction between Mr. Keisuke Nakamura and Mr. Masafumi Goto on “Expression Inconvenience Exhibition”-Togetter

Completely jealousy ... Stairs with a design like `` Stealth camouflage '' are dangerously dangerous Voices of using fabrics contrary to designers' intentions-Togetter

Goldfish bred in the shopping district “Verde Mall” in Kakogawa City, Hyogo Prefecture is annihilated ... Feels unable to manage the sticker that conveys the anger of the uncle who was taking care of it-Togetter

◆ IT / Gadget (Net / Soft / Hard / Mobile)
Nico Nico Douga will surely end in 2 or 3 years |

Coinbase received targeted attacks and their responses-piyolog

This is the correct answer for the responsive design breakpoints [2019 latest version]-About the web

[Horror] The story of an executive who was esteemed as a result of reducing the labor costs and 'bugs' as a result of cutting the experienced debugger-Togetter

The ad blocker is an expression of 'What to do if you don't like it' |

The popular female YouTuber was also arrested. The reason the police aimed at the “obscene video” distributor who earns tens of millions of yen | Daily SPA!

◆ Anime, Games, Manga (Subcal)
`` Violet Evergarden Gaiden-Eternity and automatic handwritten doll-'' notice-YouTube

Aiko Fukuda's production time lapse video using Adobe Fresco-PC Watch-YouTube

TV animation 'I said that my abilities are average values!' Character PV: Miles (CV: Azumi Azumi)-YouTube

TV anime 'I said that my abilities are average values!' Character PV: Rena (CV: Aozora Tokui)-YouTube

TV animation `` After school dice club '' PV-YouTube

# Eva's #Yoshiyuki Sadamoto-san, #Aichi Triennale's #Peaceful Girl's Statue as a “Kittane Girl”! #Hate #Soul Korea #Shin Evangelion-Togetter

Apology for general participant admission on the 3rd day and response policy on the 4th day

Around Comiket 96 venue, 11 people heat stroke or 3 people emergency transport: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Free-of-charge cartoon 'mosquito female niece seven' |

Survive this year, Comiket strategy with poor radio waves – Sumahon !!

Comiket talks about 'first 4 days in history' Charge after 2020 GW, whereabouts of the venue-KAI-YOU.net

Rokuro Shinobo, a manga artist, draws an illustration that looks like Asuka and Rei wearing Chima Chogori-Togetter

TV animation `` Fate / Grand Order-Absolute Demon Battle Babylonia '' Episode 0 PV-YouTube

Episode 0 Initium Iter Anime / Video-Fate / Grand Order
Nico Nico Douga

Comiket had a high degree of perfection → 'This muscle is ...' 'Muscle is a business card' that can be seen in an instant-Togetter

'Unko Museum TOKYO' fucking game corner 'Unko Race' content discontinuation offer |

The game world is amazing! Pakistan's youth remains the “another fight”-withnews

Summer Komi Information and Important Notice: Hakurei Fantasy Book

Samurai Mado Interview Exceeds Space-Time 'HELLO WORLD' Screenplay / Nozaki Mado Interview [Electronic Revised Edition] |

This is how Liza was born. 'Liza's Atelier-Queen of the Darkness and the Secret Retreat'-Character Design Transitions by Hosoi P and Toridamono-4Gamer.net

Takaoyama will be implemented when you put a soshage suku with a light feeling [Re: Stage! Charm]-I want to boil the Golden Retriever

“City hall counter cosplay” participates in the circle, and a chaotic sight that a resident card and marriage registration is issued at Comike is realized # C96-Togetter

Evangelion exhibition is held in Aomori, NERV Aomori branch is bombed → Tsugaru valve version of all goods is too strong-Togetter

Aoichan absolutely eating chocolate mint-YouTube

The dark part of the anime industry seen in the problem of Sadamoto Yoshiyuki [Netouyo]

`` To the beasts that were once gods '' Blu-ray Volume 1 bonus `` Key animation movie collection '' audition video-YouTube

[Official] Limited time distribution “Submarine Super Express Marine Express”-YouTube

◆ Sports / Entertainment / Music / Movies (Entertainment)
Talking about Hokusho High School Baseball Club who participated in the summer Koshien by protecting the cat as a whole strengthening buff `` This photo, it is messy ''-Togetter

Yonezu Genshi MV `` Paprika '' Kenshi Yonezu / Paprika-YouTube

Isn't the 2020 Tokyo Olympics lightly handling “life”? Crime committed by the Organizing Committee and the media / Interview with Ryu Honma-wezzy

Difficulty practicing multiple players, Shonanso directed by Power Hara Shinshin-J1: Nikkan Sports

NHK “Idaten” Updates the Lowest of Taiga History 5.9%-Drama: Nikkan Sports

What J PRIDE: So how did you make “Drakue” into a movie after all?

172: Wind blowing if anonymous 2019/08/11 (Sunday) 07: 19: 54.25 ID: 5g / 9 / pGJ0
Surely I don't think there's this, but Wai can't attack Takashi Yamazaki ...
It ’s too handy and it does n’t seem to make what you want.
It's not strange to think about your color ...
A movie like Juvenile or Returner will never be made again

307: Wind blowing if anonymous 2019/08/11 (Sunday) 07: 39: 04.64 ID: Pyspgwmc0
>> 172
Archimedes said Takashi Yamazaki wanted to do it himself
Drakue who didn't want to do but had to fill in the outer moat was badly rated
Motivation is important

◆ New products (clothing / food / living)
The 40th anniversary “Anniversary Desert Series” product second! “Takenoko no Sato Strawberry Shortcake Flavor” August 20

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