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The second part of the Mobile Suit Gundam and JRA collaboration project “ Rider Gundam JRA -BEYOND THE TURF- ”, “Char's Diagnosis ” that Char Aznable diagnoses mobile suit types has been released.

Gundam JRA Diagnostic Char | Rider Gundam JRA [JRA x Gundam 40th Anniversary Project]

In addition, Amuro Ray (original voice) of the original movie crossing over the famous scenes of Gundam characters and GI races
: Toru Furuya) and Char Aznable (voice: Shuichi Ikeda) are also available.

Original movie 'Gundam JRA -BEYOND THE TURF-' Amuro Rey ver. (Cv: Toru Furudate) 60sec-YouTube

Original movie 'Gundam JRA -BEYOND THE TURF-' Char Aznable ver. (Cv: Hideaki Ikebuchi) 60sec-YouTube

© Sotsu / Sunrise

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`` Immediately angry '' turned out to be smarter than it actually was-GIGAZINE

Invented by a mathematician `` How to cut pizza evenly and easily ''-GIGAZINE

Trunks men have more sperm than briefs-gigazine

The problem that Kobe City staff's `` middle '' report is not properly transmitted-GIGAZINE

A long-established ROM site that lasted for 18 years following a lawsuit against Nintendo's pirated distribution site declared data distribution end-GIGAZINE

A new `` popular movie '' category is added to the Academy Award, but it is unpopular as soon as possible-gigazine

`` Great 78 Project '' that digitizes and archives valuable 78 rotation SP records-gigazine

Appearance of AI that judges posters with a 70% accuracy exceeding human doctors from the photos posted on Instagram-GIGAZINE

`` Pawel Kuczynski '' collection of works that satire Pokemon GO, SNS dependence, authoritarianism, etc.-GIGAZINE

With the development of 3D printer technology, the EU applies `` copyright '' to furniture design, the protection period is extended to nearly 100 years-GIGAZINE

Cuba's net fact that `` human power internet '' with USB memory carried by bus is popular-gigazine

What is the mark used in French restaurants with a historical food culture? -GIGAZINE

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◆ Science (Science / Academic / Technology)
Lion, the king of the herd is a female wild fox different from a female movie | National Geographic Japan Version Site

◆ Society, politics, economy (incidents, world news, business)
Assistant Secretary Hides Evidence of Son's Case Kagawa Prefectural Police, Not Disclosed: Asahi Shimbun Digital

The Kagawa prefectural police officer was condemned to reduce his salary in May this year because he concealed adverse evidence from his son who became a suspect in a criminal case and asked the victim to not report damage to the police. I understood that it was. The assistant police resigned in the same month. The prefectural police recognized the act of the assistant police as a “private act” and did not disclose disciplinary action.

NHK News

Moritomo problem, Mr. Sagawa and other 10 people are not charged again Special investigation department investigation end: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Moritomo issue No other treasurer again prosecuted prosecution investigation | NHK News

Is the government employee salary increased to raise the tax? Voices of criticism on the net-Mainichi Newspaper

The largest right-wing newspaper before the war can be found for about 10 years | NHK News

JOC Board of Directors unlisted 'I want to make discussions more active' | NHK News

JOC = The Japan Olympic Committee has decided to keep the Board of Directors, which has been open to the public, private for reasons such as 'I want to make discussions more active'. Experts point out the need to take measures to ensure a check function taking into account the transparency of the organization, based on the lessons learned one after another in the sports world.

News Up “The life-saving groove” The impact of 2000 casualties | NHK News

About arrest of anti-art activist, self-proclaimed Murobushi Ryohei

NHK News suspects heat stroke

“Shinjiro is Post Abe” Secretary of the Secretary of Secretary | NHK News

Activist killing in 'homosexual hunting' or 5 photos spreading fear in LGBT in Russia International News: AFPBB News

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[Reading notice] Shibuya was full of mice other than convenience stores-Togetter

◆ IT / Gadget (Net / Soft / Hard / Mobile)
TR-808 developer, former Roland president Tadao Kikumoto announced the new version RC-808 after 40 years. Ken Fujimoto's 'DTM Station' released with free sound with outstanding sound and expandability |

Air in Silicon Valley | Satoshi Nakajima | note

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[Espionage] Manga artist Ai Morinaga passed away | Friend of separate volume | Kodansha Comic Plus

Including 'Gokuraku♨ Seishun Hockey Club' and 'Kirara no Hoshi' drawn by a separate volume friend,
All of Morinaga's works such as “Taro Yamada Monogatari” and “Me and her XXX”
It was full of fun and laughter and brightened the readers' feelings.

`` Magical Orfen Hagre Journey '' Animation PV 2nd bullet-YouTube

Theatrical version `` SHIROBAKO '' special news-YouTube

TV animation `` Fashion! Kemo no Michi '' PV 2nd bullet-YouTube

Animation `` Infinite Resident -IMMORTAL- '' PV 1st bullet-YouTube

Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version Special News 2.5-YouTube

Family computer Nintendo Switch Online additional title [August 2019]-YouTube

A little animation Kemono Friends 3 # 01-07 Looking back video-YouTube

Barley tea that was a `` mysterious drink '' for overseas anime fans until the end of the 20th century ... A story that there was a communication that was often exchanged when it appeared in `` lain '' etc.-Togetter

If you take a quick look at the impressions of the people who participated in the Comiket held in the South Building, the opinions that are `` cool anyway '' `` serious human rights '' are conspicuous # C96-Togetter

'This monster is' again this year in Mamachari, a fierce man from Aichi to Comiket appeared! [One way 398km run] # C96-Togetter

Anime acoustic director 'Recent new voice actors are not interested in humans, are inferior in observation power, can not play a bloody play'-Togetter

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[Verification] Yesterday's Seibu Rakuten match, Seibu's relay in the 11th table was really hitless and scored 4 goals: What is the stadium @ NJ Summary

[2009 → 2019] Average increase in the number of spectators in the 12-team team for 10 years www: Ryusoku

Countermeasures against the heat of the Tokyo Olympics and Para may have adverse effects | NHK News

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Patty times! I want to save myself from the summer heat! Spicy Hero “Wild Double Spicy Beef” with plenty of volume! Available for a limited time from August 14th (Wed)! | McDonald's Japan

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