Headline news on 4th December 2019

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A special screening to commemorate the distribution of Netflix's original anime series '

Levius ' has been decided. The date is December 14, 2019 (Saturday), and the place is Kawasaki Cinecitta. The first episode to the fourth episode will be screened and a talk show by the cast and staff will be held. Participating in the talk show are Lebius, Nobunaga Shimazaki, Bill, Takahiro Sakurai, Hiroyuki Seshita, Keisuke Ide, and Miwa Iwanami.

The ticket price is 2500 yen and the ticket is scheduled to be released from Saturday, December 7th .

'Levius-Netflix distribution commemoration special screening in LIVE ZOUND' will be held! !

This is an event that you can enjoy with Cinecitta's “ Live ZOUND ” cinema sound system. Whether you ’ ve seen the distribution version or not, please take this opportunity to enjoy Zac ’s loveliness with a large screen and powerful sound. .

Anime `` Levius '' Interview with Hiroyuki Seshita, the desire to move American comics and band decine bursts-GIGAZINE

By the way, this article was posted on the same day of the same month in the past.

After the Google team job interview, a situation occurs that `` the patent of my research content spoken at the interview seems to be acquired without permission ''-GIGAZINE

AR museum function `` Pocket Gallery '' that allows Google to appreciate Vermeer works scattered around the world at once-GIGAZINE

Tumblr announces ban on adult content-gigazine

`` FastFFF '' that enables super high-speed 3D printing at the level that seems to be fast-forward at 7 times faster than before has appeared-gigazine

Interview with live-action version `` Fullmetal Alchemist '' Fumihiko Maki, thorough attention to CG and background `` I want you to see it rather than repeating words ''-GIGAZINE

Converting the pi to a decimal number started playing a mysterious and beautiful melody-GIGAZINE

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Meeting to see cherry blossoms, six cautions to overlook the Abe administration's deception Reasons for not criticizing the opposition | 47NEWS

Prime Minister Abe, shredder processing of the list `` Responsibility is the staff of disabled employees '' and answers criticized one after another-Mainichi Newspaper

Order to dismiss sender information over the Kyoani incident Osaka District Court-Mainichi Newspaper

Mr. Trump demands Prime Minister Abe to increase the burden on US forces stationed | Kyodo News

Huawei flaming whistleblower in China suspected of retaliation-Sankei news

Meeting to see cherry blossoms Prime Minister Abe's “mysterious online advertising agency” also has a relationship | NEWS Post Seven

The organization that leads the Internet theory of Abe's defense is “Liberal Democratic Party Net Supporters Club” (J-NSC). A volunteer organization established in 2010 by the Liberal Democratic Party during the opposition era, called “Netosap”.

If J-NSC is a working group of advertising work, the organization that can be called a command tower is the L2 online surveillance team “T2 (Truth team)”.

<If there is misunderstood information on the Internet, send accurate information and correct it> (Liberal Democratic Party release). T2 is a member of the Liberal Democratic Party's Internet Media Bureau, a member of the party's staff and a staff member of the Internet surveillance specialist, and is monitoring the Internet for 24 hours, and as soon as it finds a disadvantageous write to the Liberal Democratic Party, it prompts providers to delete .

Liberal Democratic Party “MMT Study Meeting”, Pros and Cons from Recipients-Reuters

Is it an answer without confirming residual electronic data?

Mr. Tsuji 'Backup data is not an administrative document' A list of people who see cherry blossoms-Mainichi Newspaper

Abe Prime Minister Abe caught his arm and criminally charged seven police officers | NHK News

A man who was excluded by the prime minister, criminal prosecution for police officers `` If you are silent, you will progress with speech atrophy ''-Mainichi Newspaper

On July 15 during the election campaign of the Upper House election, police officers of police officers shouted the men and women who shouted, such as 'Stop' and 'Tax increase' to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who was giving a street address in front of JR Sapporo Station (Sapporo City) Several people surrounded and grabbed their shoulders to forcibly eliminate them and chased afterwards.

When the backup data and materials are requested, the remaining Director-General admits: Asahi Shimbun Digital

The ruling party rejects general questions from the Senate Budget Committee | Kyodo News

`` Since 3 killed, the death penalty so up to 2 people '' Shinkansen killed, defendant in trial-Mainichi Newspaper

Detailed report of Mr. Tatsumi's conference that revealed `` employment of people with disabilities '' to explain the necessity of securing time-Mainichi Newspaper

Dr. Satoshi Nakamura shot dead in Afghanistan | NHK News

Niigata Elementary School 2 Murder Case Defendant sentenced indefinite term Niigata District Court | NHK News

'It's an unequal treaty of peace' Japan-US trade agreement, doubts about 'results': Asahi Shimbun Digital

`` Spouse, self-sufficient divorce notification '' Foreigners consulting one after another: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

◆ Lifestyle (Life / Life / Health)
News Up Along the Tama River Why is a new construction in the “flooded area”… A thorough analysis | NHK News

[Existence of missing things] _01: Right foot cut | Aoi Aoki | note

“Nothing in” crepe selling at a local convenience store in Aomori is attacking quite a lot “Please sell it in other prefectures…” “Happy is in”-Togetter

The negative history of JNR staff unknown to young people one after another ... 'Incredibly arrogant' 'Throwing a ticket' 'Strikes' etc.-Togetter

Diamond Yukai 'Owl not convinced to return the license. The last measure I took' | Performing Arts |

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SAS SSD for HPE server, data lost after 32,768 hours of operation. Cannot be restored-PC Watch

Decrease in the ranking of academic achievement surveys Is the delay in digitizing lessons affected ?: Asahi Shimbun Digital

The ability to read and understand various texts on the Internet using a computer, and the free description form that summarizes the ideas by showing the grounds are weak. This result shows that thinking and expressiveness are struggling.

Anna Snow 2 probably Stema (Determined probably stealth marketing at 08:57:35 on December 4)-Togetter

It is a personal consideration about why I took the technique of “posting to the two army manga artists” at 7 pm on “December 3 (Tuesday)” at the same time.

・ Why did you post at the same time?
It seems that the person who invented this stealth marketing at the advertising agency had the intention to increase the influence of each cartoonist. It seems to be to measure the “usefulness” of each manga artist by aligning the conditions and use it as an indicator of who to order from the next time.

・ Why is 7:00 pm on December 3
Analyzing Twitter analytics etc., the weekday afternoon Tuesday at 7:00 pm is the timing when the number of PV is very large. It ’s the perfect time for people from the company at the end of 5 o'clock, people from the company at the end of 6 o'clock, and general self-employed people to take a break and look into Twitter. ) It doesn't suffer on 5.10 days (a lot of deposits and withdrawals), it doesn't suffer at the end of the month (many things are done in every industry), and even on the first day of the week (many people are depressed) It is not the timing of sake, but it also seems to have been the point that a certain number of days have passed since the movie was released.

・ Why did you hire a well-known cartoonist in the second army class instead of the first army?
There are two possible ways.
(1) Since one army class person has high risk management ability, he did not take the risk of advertising without attaching a PR tag and did not make a contract.
(2) In the research of the stemmer effect, the remarks of the layer called micro influencer (the layer that has less follower as influencer but has the influence to call ordinary people) than the layer called influencer and alpha twitterer are more effective. It is common for the analysis to be made. It seems natural to aim for budget cuts and high effectiveness.

Let's quit the muscle merge-Qiita

A story about the current border router fluttering (by the president) – NorthPage

[Report] Daily life of Netflix engineers # NFX202 #reinvent | Developers.IO

I tried Amazon CodeGuru-Qiita

◆ Anime, Games, Manga (Subcal)

People who are worried that Sangokushi 14 will collaborate with Legend of Galactic Heroes-Togetter

Fuji TV “Direct hit LIVE Goody!” Official account, apply for coverage by looking at the garbage house of the game-Togetter

News Release: December 4, 2019-Nintendo Switch Launch in China | Nintendo

Sorcerous Orphen Hagre Journey × Booklike Shimojo on Collaboration CM-YouTube

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Actor Masanori Ishii shoots 'memory of discrimination'-around Hansen's disease sanatorium-Yahoo! News

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Sapporo GOLD STAR (Gold Star) New Release | News Release | Sapporo Beer

Starbucks Chilled Cup 'The Latte Cafe Verona' New Release Limited to 'Seven-Eleven' nationwide | News Release | Suntory Foods International

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