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Two novels of the weekly Shonen Jump serialized comic `` Devil's Blade '' with a total of over 25 million comics have exceeded 700,000 copies with a duplicate of December 10, 2019, the fastest as a Shueisha JUMP j BOOKS label I found out that it was selling.

The first novel “

Devil's Blade Happy Flower ” was published in February 2019, and the second novel “ Devil's Blade Single Butterfly ” was published in October 2019.

In addition to the reason that “the episode that cannot be read in the main part can be read with the original author's illustration”, since the magazine and the latest comics are serious developments, it is said that the episode is becoming popular when the heartwarming episode comes to life.

© Seiko Yohko / Shueisha

The latest 18 volumes of comics will be released on Wednesday, December 4, 2019.

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◆ Story (Memo / Others)

◆ Science (Science / Academic / Technology)
There is no river to return to school ruins for the convenience of humans: Asahi Shimbun Digital

◆ Society, politics, economy (incidents, world news, business)
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◆ Lifestyle (Life / Life / Health)

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Doki! Heiankyo full of corpses! There is also a porori! ―Japanese History of the Weight of Life―-Grasshopper Mon Diary

'Underwear white, two-blot ban' strange school rules, moving students who want to change: Asahi Shimbun Digital

◆ IT / Gadget (Net / Soft / Hard / Mobile)
Analysis information of NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro that is in GPL violation state due to SNK's too stupid response-honeylab's blog

For accounts where evian France official account tweeted critical homosexuality, `` Delete account '' with AA-Togetter

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◆ Anime, Games, Manga (Subcal)
TV anime “Magia Records Puella Magi Madoka Magica Gaiden” 2nd PV

Nekopara PV “Animation Mamanyaku Start”

TV anime “Skate Reading ☆ Stars” Official Site | General Director Goro Taniguchi x Character Design Draft Original Anime 2020 Broadcasting & Distribution by JCSTAFF

General Director Goro Taniguchi x Character Design Draft Original Animation Supplied by JCSTAFF 2020 Broadcast & Distribution Decided!

[2020.1.8 broadcast start] TV anime 'Kairaku Dragons' 'Ryu no Tame Steak Sand' Rice Terror Scene

Siduri Babylonia Report Episode 5 ~ 8

New OVA 'ACCA 13 Ward Inspection Division Regards' screening notice

Movie “Lupin the 3rd THE FIRST” main video partially released [Friday, December 6]

TV anime “Haikyu !! TO THE TOP” Teaser PV

Was the Azulene animator on fire? -Thin stuffed pasta and stuffed cola

Animator who participated in Azur Lane `` Pursued how far to go ''-Togetter

“Ring Fit Adventure” Apology and Notice | Support Information | Nintendo

◆ Sports / Entertainment / Music / Movies (Entertainment)

French movie `` City Hunter THE MOVIE's most incense mission in history '' is a perfect movie, 150 points out of 100 and acclaimed voice-Togetter

Tamura's confession. Thoughts on Ryo and Ryo, the future of `` London Boots No. 1 and 2 '' and the reason for establishing a new company (Masao Nakanishi)-Individual-Yahoo! News

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◆ New products (clothing / food / living)
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