Headline news on August 13, 2018

A new trailer of the Ponok short film theater "Chiisana Hero - Crab, Tamago and Transparent Human" made by Studio Ponock who produced " Mary and Witch's Flower " has been released. "Kanini and Cannino" is a director directed by Yomihiro Yoshimi, "Mary of Memories", "Samurai Egg" is "Givly's Episode 2" Directed by Yoshiyuki Momose, directed by Akihiko Yamashita who served as a director for drawing, such as "Howl's Moving Castle" and "Kokurikozaka". Public release is Friday, August 24, 2018.

"Hideo Chiisana - Crab and Tamago and Transparent Human" 3 Special Works - YouTube

By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

"Is Japan's ice will not melt" and the topic "Kanza sum ice" that is also the topic overseas really does not melt? Actually leave it at normal temperature and check it - GIGAZINE

Global Footprint Network visualized map of global environment "debtor country" or "creditor country" - GIGAZINE

Amateur astronomers are beginning to play a major role in the astronomical observation in the Internet age - GIGAZINE

Local movie & photo summary at the moment when the warehouse of China · Tianjin exploded in a large - GIGAZINE

We encountered the spectacle of breast feeding breastfeeding by the sidewalk on Ewa island full of pigs in Tonga - GIGAZINE

What is the theoretical approach to cooking frozen steak meat most deliciously? - GIGAZINE

In order to obtain results it is important to learn by performing "quantity" rather than "quality" - GIGAZINE

Reaction summary movie when a video chat partner was a man on a beard face dancing fiercely in a bikini figure - GIGAZINE

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[Reading attention] A citizen climbs around Maruyama about 400 times a year and noticed that there were slugs that have never been seen for several years, and they recorded the number of slugs everyday! → "Awesome!" "Voices of fun!" - Togetter

"Scientist" aspiring to the political circle Reduce research expenses of the trump regime one after another: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Criticism of the huge monument in Fukushima City on the Internet "Scientifically unlikely" "Causes new reputation" Producer apologize, consultation with the city | Hebei Shimbun Online news

【The moment when fantasy replaces science】 The true identity of a cave where a child steals its soul when stepping on - Togetter

Continue carrying mother orcas, dead child killer whale for 17 days - BBC News

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Doubt about repaying money to former sex clerks, arrest of Nagoya · Mizuho, ​​the mayor of the mayor: Asahi Shimbun Digital

【Movie】 "Awa Odori" which shook in the red letter Opening with the stop of the total dance Available vacant seat in the seat (1/2 pages) - Sankei WEST

Abe is the most dangerous figure in Asia = hedge fund leaders | Reuters

Escape from boy detained at robbery injury and theft The Osaka Tondabayashi station | NHK News

LDP presidential election: Mr. Aso, criticism of Mr. Kishida by way of declining - Mainichi Newspaper

A passenger plane was stolen at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and crashed. Authorities believe that suicide. Patterns of great confusion such as F-15 fighter aircraft getting on and outright number of waiting planes - Togetter

Book worm: Notice of watching a trial that caused a national liability lawsuit because I received an illegal duty question

CNN.co.jp: "Monsanto herbicide cancer onset", compensation to end-stage patients 32 billion yen US court

15 people white rallies meet, thousands opponents rice US Washington: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Yamanashi safely rescues male high school student unknown at Mitsuzan-yama | NHK News

Focus: "Turkish Lira plunge to resurrect" crisis contagion "in emerging countries | Reuters

Mr. Trump and porn actress attorney of alleged infidelity, two willing photographs for President elected horses International news: AFPBB News

Yamanote Line and Tohoku Shinkansen, Automatic Operation Review ... Operator Insufficiency: Economy: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Turkish citizen who forsaken Lira - limit also to patriotism, not responding to foreign currency sale - Bloomberg

CNN.co.jp: Chinese tourists, hijacked by hippopotamus During death in Kenya's lake during photography

CNN.co.jp: a policeman who continues to beat a man, blaming video circulation Spurt Baltimore - (1/2)

CNN.co.jp: North Korea refuses all proposals by the United States Denuclearization negotiations do not progress

Metropolitan Police Department arrested on a charge of theft at the Comike venue - Mainichi Newspaper

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Okinawa, hot summer days almost zero Why? Reporters do not need air conditioning when sleeping - Okinawa: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Three ten kings who will skip the essential part, "Mobile" "Paid", the other one? - Togetter

End-of-life patient who is suffering from anorexia "I feel like I can eat Garigari" → Such people generally have poor prognosis → people who were also in the same family and so on - Togetter

Underwear is for white only, sunscreen is forbidden ... Increasing at school 'soft managementism' and contradiction not seeing risks - lawyer dot com

In order to hospitalize an alcohol addiction person, it is effective to urge the awareness of himself by asking questions more than persuading - Togetter

By the way, why black honey in Kansai? (Mysterious Cruise): Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Even if the price of a hotel in Vietnam stay 14 nights, it is cheaper than the rent! What? → "I want to go" "Very cheap" voice! - Togetter

# Japanese Language Dictionary Night 7 This time special "Proofreading / Reviewing" special feature! Demonstration by professional proofreaders and tsukkomi to that drama ... ...? # Kalkar - Togetter

Unusual circumstances in which the original grand Nagahama Ramen is upset in Fukuoka city (Yamaji Kenya) - Individual - Yahoo! News

"The difference with Japan" enumerated by the first child living in the United States is interesting ~ "I'm fine?" "I heard that the beetle was killed by the teacher" - Togetter

Analysis of income statement of 11 convenience stores (Rumi Ide) - Individual - Yahoo! News

Children are not one thing - expectations for divorce parents "co-custody" - Yahoo! News

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Someone who made a song "Suddenly excuse Dm" appears → Troubled over unexpected sudden TL "really suddenly too" - Togetter

Google Developers Japan: DevFest 2018 will be held throughout Japan

Discovery original IBM PC opening ceremony - YouTube

Full 10 Gbps connection from the PC to the line was still fast! Change home Internet environment to "au Hikari home 10 giga" 【Initial B】 - INTERNET Watch

TensorFlow Hub - Technical Hedgehog that makes it easy to use Google's pre-learned model

Analyzed tweets about Yuushi Okamoto, Masahiko Tsugawa, and their deaths and analyzed quantitatively which one is right or wrong - chronicles (mainly about politics and current affairs)

Customers at the telephone entrance "Queue queue sounds from the computer" → Because the cause was unknown anyway, as a result of having them go to the site on business, it was the cause "Eitsu" was the cause - Togetter

Sakai Naoki 's "Design Inquiries": btrax' s analysis that "Why does not the designer 's position rise in Japan?" Is interesting.

We summarized how to make OSS monetize and realize sustainable development

A note on a new intimidation email Genuine password in title and body ... ... NHK News

Daylight savings time on Linux - JDT's visit

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About the schedule of Comic Market 96 · 97 in 2019

Comic Market 96 held in summer 2019 and Comic Market 97 in winter 2019 will be held on the following schedule so we will report here.

Comic Market 96
Schedule: Friday, August 9, 2019 to Monday, December 12, 2019
Place: Tokyo Big Sight West Exhibition Building · South Exhibition Building (Circle) / Qinghai Exhibition Building (Corporate Booth)

Comic Market 97
Schedule: Saturday, December 28, 2019 - Tuesday, 31 (Tuesday)
Place: Tokyo Big Sight West Exhibition Building · South Exhibition Building (Circle) / Qinghai Exhibition Building (Corporate Booth)

As you all know, the Tokyo Big Sight accompanying the holding of the Tokyo Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games in 2019 - 2020 will not be able to use the East Exhibition Building, so even if you use the above three exhibition buildings, The area will remain at about 75% of the current level (about 71% of the comic market 94 this time, if you compare it with the area allocated to the circle). For this reason, in order to allow many circles to exhibit without reducing the circle's winning rate as much as possible, as well as restrictions on the use of standby places as well as exhibition buildings, consideration for safety at the time of congestion of participants is necessary So it will be held in the first 4 days of comic market history. Thanks for your understanding.

In addition, concerning the genre division etc for each weekday of the circle, we will publish later on the official website · the circle participation application form set of the relevant times. For the comic market 98 of GW 2020, please wait for a while as we will announce the schedule again later.

TV Anime 【RELEASE THE SPYCE】 2nd PV - YouTube

Movie "Penguin · Highway" public anniversary special video "Penguin and Gachapin · Mook" - YouTube

TV animation "Gakuen BASARA" 2nd PV - YouTube

"SHADOW OF THE TOMB RAIDER" Louder Than Words trailer - YouTube

Have you had a label that was clearly intended for men in the light novel of the 90's? - Togetter

Discover a plastic model of devil and maniac container ship! "I am making it in real time now ..." and impressions as well - Togetter

"Mirai of the Future" Discussion: Nobody noticed "I do not know until 10 years of watching" The real theme is - blog of akirafukuoka so I want someone to tell me

It is young people in their teens to mid-20s who collapse at Comike and they are aware of their declining physical strengths. I felt like watching recruits and veterans. - Togetter

Supervision of comics. - Akira Watanabe blog

Contributed work was applied without permission processing, and it was distributed by Comiket - Togetter

"Why did not you want to make a movie with Isao Takahata anymore" - Toshio Suzuki talks Isao Takahata # 1 | Bun Ho online

"At that time when Isao Takahata recommended dismissal" - Toshio Suzuki talks Isao Takahata # 2 | Bun Ho online

"The thread of tension can not be unwound even if Mr. Takahata died" - Takao Suzuki talks Isao Takahata # 3 | Bun Ho online

It was a beautiful Eva # Sincarion 31 episodes are not hesitant. Those who respond to "Asuka's Soryu" also re-broadcast on midnight on 13th - Togetter

Huge "Mobile Suit Gundam" statue appeared Hong Kong | NHK News

Model of a popular animation stage Shinto shrine Torii Collapse Saitama Kuki | NHK News

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List of movies that have been made into DVD but not rental released (preliminary version) │ Movie scraps of negative houses, no action

About special effects heroine Kudo Haruka -

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