Headline News for April 11, 2019

A special broadcast video of the latest film '

HELLO WORLD ' directed by Tomohiko Ito, known for ' Theatrical Edition Sword Art Online-Ordinal Scale- ' etc., was released on YouTube, and the information on the main cast was revealed.

'HELLO WORLD' Special Report [Friday, September 20, 2019]-YouTube

© 2019 'HELLO WORLD' Production Committee

hero· Hard book ( Heart ) Real ( Naomi ) The voice of the voice actor is the first challenge of voice actor Takumi Kitamura (photograph center). A 10-year-old future from the future is Katagaki Naomi, who is the heroine of Tori Matsuzaka (pictured right). One line ( One time ) Moth ( Ruri ) Is played by Minami Beach (left).

Director Ito Tomohiko's comments on casting are:
You may think that there are only actors who are not professional voice actors.
Matsuzaka Tori was fascinated by his excellent voice work, and Conte was also drawing with his image, so I am truly honored to receive the offer. Takumi Kitamura and Minami Hamabe both worked hard to understand the character and came to the audition while the original work was small and the information was scarce. For me, it has become a talented newcomer's debut film, and having voice work done by people who are not in the animation field is all the result of thinking only about the work. I am confident that I was able to ask the people who most matched this work.
The dialogue is recorded first by the technique called Pressco, and the cut is finished every day according to their play. Sometimes serious. Sometimes comically. The characters are brought to life in a way that will make them competitive with foreign animation films. Please look forward to it!

In the work, 'To protect your future, it was the future me who came to you', and the screenplay is by Mado Nodomi of 'The Correct Answer'. This is what Tiser Visual looks like.

The theater is open on September 20, 2019.

By the way, such an article was published on the same day in the past on the same day.

On March 3rd, there is a large-scale network failure at the level where you can not connect to the Internet, and what problems do you see from there? -GIGAZINE

Does the hair set like a stone when placed on a hydraulic press? Experiment is unexpected result-GIGAZINE

Next-generation image format 'AVIF' using compression technology of next-generation video codec 'AV1'-GIGAZINE

Experts analyze that the appearance of the next-generation game console 'PlayStation 5' will be tangled up until 2020-GIGAZINE

A man called 'Yoda' that produces a light saver that costs 1.6 million yen-GIGAZINE

The man who works as a mechanic in Germany was actually the king of an African tribe-GIGAZINE

Secrets of how 'Spain and CIA gun smuggling has made companies hide' the 'Panama Document' exposes under the sun-GIGAZINE

◆ neta (memo, various other)

◆ Science (Science, Learning, Technology)
'Does this research have any impact on the general public? → 's question → the answer is good with crispy-Togetter

Notice of appeal | Muranaka Atsuko Riko Muranaka | note

◆ Society, politics, economy (case, world news, business)
Prime Minister Abe reminisces about Sakurada five-year-old minister's speech = 'It's more important than a member of the Diet for revival' and misunderstood-Mr. Suzuki as successor: Current affairs dot com

Mr. Sakurada says that 'politicians are more important than revival' |

Why was my father's sexual activity against a 19-year-old daughter acquitted? Criminal Code and Sex Offenders Issues as Seen from Judgment (Ito Kazuko)-Individual-Yahoo! News

Taro Yamamoto leaves the Liberal Party and forms a new party. Taro Yamamoto official blog 'I want you to read from Taro Yamamoto's elementary, junior high, and high school students' Powered by Ameba

Government aims to halve the number of freeters Government supports employment generation age-Mainichi Shimbun

Nakamura with intellectual disability, again fail High school exam Family 'discrimination in the ability selection is discrimination'-Ryukyu Shinpo-Okinawa newspaper, regional news

A sense of crisis, the prime minister immediately cut off Sakurada Olympics in two hours from the remark-Mainichi Shimbun

Venezuela Last month's inflation rate to 1.62 million% annual rate | NHK News

University Aid Bill passes the lower house | Joint communication

'The torture to get confession' Breaking from hostage justice 1000 lawyers and law scholars statement-lawyer dot com

Hear from disappointing joint development of Ono Pharmaceutical Mr. Honjo-Interview with Opdivo patent royalty-Mainichi Shimbun

UK and EU withdrawal Agreed by postponement until the end of October 'Without withdrawal without agreement for a while' | NHK News

The EU = European Union and the United Kingdom have agreed to postpone the deadline of 12 days this week until October 31st. As a result, leaving the EU without any agreement was temporarily avoided.

'Tokyu Hands' 'Sawakaya' store opened by Totetsu Department Store, this fall: Shizuoka Keizai: Chunichi Shimbun (CHUNICHI Web)

Mrs. Ghosn and his attention 'heavy nationality' what? Even those with five or more [unseen world]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)

'The documentary power of what I remember' and 'I am impressed even with excitement' gathers in the answer of the life consultation that 'I was fucked by a friend ...' by Hisashi Kamigami-Togetter

Can you continue to create unusable bicycle lanes? -A dialogue on the revised proposal (pending on pub rice until April 11) to add the specifications of bicycle-only traffic zones to the Road Structure Ordinance-Togetter

◆ IT · gadget (net, software, hardware, mobile)
Amazon Japan '1% or more points must be awarded' plan withdrawn | NHK News

'Amazon Japan,' a major internet mail order company, has announced that it will withdraw its plans that would always require users to earn more than 1% of the purchase price.

Google Cloud Platform Japan Official Blog: Day 2 of Google Cloud Next '19: More Secure, Smarter, More Secure in a Cloud Environment

Abolished company GitHub account companywide-ZOZO Technologies TECH BLOG

The Seven Traps That Make Businesses Fail New Business-Speaker Deck

Technical Documents Anti-Patterns · GitHub

'Machine learning is the most difficult to collect data ...' ⇛ Google has released a large number of machine learning databases for free-Qiita

(4) We made a request to the Hyogo Prefectural Police to disclose information on 'crimes concerning fraudulent instruction electromagnetic recording'-donkey electron clogged up

Why are you using Python? R Counting Guide with R-Qiita

Behind the scenes of data analysis to support the rapid growth of 'note'-Speaker Deck

Columnist Atsushi Oda, Cxorip Reveals Cerebral Infarction 'Tweeter and great followers, it was a day saved by it and Cxorip'-Togetter

Japan's First eSIM Service 'Overseas Data eSIM powered by GigSky' Launched | 2019 | KDDI CORPORATION

UX / DX friendly web service development by nuxt.js | Official Blog | Virtual Cast [Virtual Cast]

◆ Anime ・ Game ・ Manga (Sub-Carl)

'Carroll & Tuesday' NETFLIX Delivery Announcement-YouTube

'Crayon Shin-chan honeymoon trip hurricane-Lost Hiroshi-' WEB for video 'Grows Yakiniku Road Hen'-YouTube

'Crayon Shin-chan honeymoon hurricane ~ Lost Hiroshi ~' WEB for video 'back attack of the adult empire'-YouTube

'Crayon Shin-chan honeymoon trip hurricane ~ Lost Hiroshi ~' WEB for video 'Roboto-chan Hen Counterattack'-YouTube

'Crayon Shin-chan honeymoon Trip Hurricane ~ Lost Hiroshi ~' for WEB 'Appare! Sengoku Taisen Hen'-YouTube

Movie version 'ONE PIECE STAMPEDE' special report third-YouTube

'FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGE' Nintendo Switch, Xbox One Launch Commemorative CM-YouTube

'CARAVAN STORIES' Launch trailer 01-YouTube

'CARAVAN STORIES' Launch trailer 02-YouTube

'H1Z1: Battle Royale' Official Launch Trailer-YouTube

Kemono Friends 2 staff? Comments Summary-Togetter

Kemono Friends 2 planning manager AGN Toshihiko 'How long did it take to make it or not? It's okay to do it!' 'Tatsuki has nothing to do with the fans of Kemono Friends' 'It seems that the counterattack has begun. I want to triple this year's grudge and return '| Kemono Friends

An e-mail 'Will you see me once?' Came to you | Kemono Friends

Thank you very much for visiting 'Kemono Friends Channel'.

When I opened the mail folder of this site account earlier, I received an email from Age Global Networks, Inc. Eiji Kato who is one of the members who launched the 'Kemono Friends Project' yesterday at 2019/04/10 15:52. , I read the text, the contents of the purport 'Would you like to explain the truth, but I would not meet once' was written in the email.
The fact that I emailed in light of various situations after the end of Kemono Friends 2 states that I intend to answer all of the reasons for not publishing and questions from here, and this is also a few companions I did not mind.
As for this matter, it is not a topic that can be decided immediately, so I would like to decide carefully.

Kemono Friends Chancellor

EVO 2004: Daigo Umehara VS. Justin Wong-Alternate Viewpoint!-YouTube

◆ Sports, Entertainment, Music, Film (Entertainment)

Takeshi Kitano, congratulations on gathering thirty years

NGT48 Discontinue two existing teams, re-start as a first term student and research student / Entertainment / Daily Sports online

Tokyo Olympics again hurt Mr. Sakurada, Mr. Takeda The image down with the key person 'outside'-Mainichi Shimbun

Yonetsu Genshi Official Blog-Nogure-Powered by LINE

NGT 48 member whistle-blowing 'Emergency class meeting' 'Veteran five confessions' |

Hallyl Hodzch withdraws 1 yen trial, unexpected end-Football: Daily Sports

◆ New product (clothes, food, housing)
'Devil's rice ball' is further evolved, 2 item lineup | Lawson official site

The 'Big Mac' series is the first appearance of that popular overseas product! 'Big Mac Junior' 'Grand Big Mac' 'Giga Big Mac' also appeared! Limited time sale from April 17 (Wednesday) | McDonald's Japan

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