Traffic on adult sites surges with government closures, and public pornography favorite categories also revealed?


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The impact of the closing of the US government agency was that it was talked about serving with fast food such as a hamburger that President Trump bought a visitor for himself, but the impact of the closing of the government also had an unexpected effect. It is According to the popular adult site Pornhub, government closure has resulted in a surge in access to adult sites.

Government Shutdown Leads to Pornhub Traffic Increase? Pornhub Insights

According to the statistics of Pornhub surveyed the number of accesses while the government is closed, it is clear that not only the increase in the number of accesses but also the average viewing time of pornographic content is obviously changing. In addition, Pornhub compares the data such as traffic before the government closure with the data during government closure (data from January 7 to 11).

Under normal circumstances, the highest traffic on Pornhub in the United States is during the night from 22:00 to 24:00. However, since the closure of the government began, the traffic volume on Pornhub's night has increased by an average of up to 14%. This is the same trend as when a cold winter storm arrives, that is, when you don't have to get up in the morning to go to work.

The following graph shows the change in traffic volume during normal times and when the government is closed. The horizontal axis shows the time zone, and the vertical axis shows how much the traffic volume increases or decreases compared to the average at the normal time. You can see that traffic is increasing by 5.94% on average on a daily basis, and traffic is increasing except for a very short time in the morning from 9 to 11 in the morning.

The average stay time of the users has increased by about 33 seconds from the normal time (10 minutes 37 seconds to 11 minutes 10 seconds), which indicates that 'more time is left than usual' Pornhub is writing. In addition, not only male visits but also female visits are increasing, with an average of 4.2% female users increasing.

The previous data was the average for the entire United States, but when focusing on Washington DC only in the capital and comparing the data, the daily traffic volume increased by 6.32%. The traffic volume is most increased (11.9%) at 1 o'clock midnight compared to normal times. It is interesting to note that the traffic by female users has increased dramatically, which is a 12.3% increase compared to normal times.

In addition, analyzing only Washington DC users, some pornographic content categories are becoming more popular than before the government was shut down. 'This is a favorite category for civil servants,' notes Pornhub, as the following eight categories are experiencing particularly increased traffic compared to normal times.

Outdoor: + 71%
Threesome (3P): + 66%
Old / Young: + 60%
Small Tits: + 57%
Squirt: + 54%
Solo Female: + 53%
Cuckold (cuckold): + 49%
Trans (both sexes): + 37%

By the way, according to the report that summarized the statistical information of 2018 in Pornhub, the first category is 'Lesbian (Lesbian)', the second place 'Ebony (black)', the third place 'MILF' according to the report that summarized the statistical information of 2018 (Mature Woman), 4th place 'Threesome (3P)', 5th place 'Anal (Anal)', and it was an almost different category.

The keyword that symbolizes 2018 on popular porn site 'Pornhub' is 'Fortnite' 'Hentai' 'Kuppa princess' etc.-GIGAZINE

As the reason why Pornhub chose 5 days from January 7th to 11th as data during the government closure period, 'Because I thought it was the least likely period affected by Christmas and New Year traffic' It is said that the difference from the usual time has been clarified by adopting weekday traffic from Monday to Friday.

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