One day the use of adult sites by female users drastically decreased, what happened?

ByLudo Rouchy

On Saturday, January 21, 2017, protection of women's rights and natural environment ·LGBTQLarge-scale demo that appeals various problems such as rights, racial discrimination, religion, worker's rights "2017 Women's March(Female March of 2017) "was held. The demonstration occurred as a protest against President Trump who continued to speak disrespectfully of women, and millions of women from all over the world participated. However, in order to solve the simple question "Is there really a lot of women in the demonstration?", Pornhub of a very popular adult site is investigating the use situation of female users on January 21, 2017 .

2017 Women's March Traffic Changes - Pornhub Insights

January 2017 Introduction PornhubStatistical report summarizing usage status for 1 yearAccording to this, 26% of Pornhub users are female.

By saying that January 21, 2017 was Saturday, Pornhub calculated "average traffic of female users accessing Pornhub from America on Saturday" and created the following graph. The dark blue graph showing females was below the average after 9:00 am and it was 6.4% lower than the average at 3 pm and 8.2% lower than the average at 8 pm, so on January 21 obviously female You can see that less user access. On the other hand, the traffic of male users was above the average until 11:00, but it declined from the afternoon, resulting in 4.3% lower than the average at the lowest point. This means that on 21 January 2017 overall traffic seemed to be less than average on Saturday, especially for female users.

When we summarize the data on Washington D.C. which is one of the places where the "March of the Women of 2017" was done, we can see that it was as below and it was considerably less than the average traffic of female Pornhub users overall. In particular, it is 19% lower than the average at 2 PM. Although it is unknown how much the "female user in Washington, DC" is extracted compared with other areas, it is unknown, but January 21 is certainly a traffic from female users accessing Pornhub in Washington DC There seems to be very few. In Washington D.C., it seems that estimated 500,000 to 680,000 women participated in the demonstration.

Likewise, in New York where the "Women's March of 2017" was held, estimated 400,000 to 500,000 people participated in the demonstration. When I looked at the average traffic of female users on January 21, focusing on such users in New York, it was said that they got only less than average traffic throughout the day. The lowest traffic was at 8 PM and it seems that it was 19% lower than the average.

Furthermore, the data of Los Angeles is the graph below. In Los Angeles it recorded 22% lower than the average traffic at 2 pm. In addition, it is estimated that 500 thousand - 750 thousand people participated in the demonstration in Los Angeles.

So, it seems that the traffic by female users on January 21 when the 'March of the Women' s 2017 was done was less than the average. However, information such as how many women were accessing is unknown.

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