Google trend implemented enhancements, improved real-time nature and narrow down "image search" and "YouTube search"

ByCarlos Luna

The Google trend analysis tool "Google Trend" provided by Google has been enhanced to improve the real-time nature of information. At the same time, in addition to web search on Google, we are getting to know the trends in the category of "image search" "news search" "Google shopping" "YouTube search".

More realtime data on Google Trends

Google announced the enhancement of Google Trend on blog on 27th November 2017 of the United States time. I will illustrate the functions realized by this improvement while giving an example like the following.

First enter the word you want to check trend into the search window. When you enter the name of a singer Taylor Swift, items such as "American singer-songwriter" (American singer-songwriter) and "Studio album by Taylor Swift" (album by Taylor Swift) Has been displayed. Choose "American singer-songwriter" when you want to find out about singers. At this time, if you select "Search term" (search keyword), the contents including both "Taylor" and "Swift" will be covered.

Then, a trend on "Taylor Swift" as a singer-songwriter was displayed. When you set the target area to "USA" and set the target period to "Last 7 days", a graph with some peaks was displayed as below.

However, this content is targeted for a simple "web search". By clicking on "Web Search" (Web search), you can click "Image Search" (Image Search), "News Search" (News Search), "Google Shopping" (Google Shopping), "YouTube Search" (YouTube search) will appear and you will be able to analyze each trend.

When I looked it up in "YouTube search", I found that the search by words such as "Jimmy Fallon" and "The Tonight Show" has increased rapidly. From here, you can see that the interest in YouTube videos that Taylor Swift appeared at the popular late-night television program "The Tonight Show" by Jimmy Fallon hosts is rapidly rising. The increase rate is as great as 4750% at maximum.

Also, looking at "image search", it turned out that the search of another popular program "Saturday Night Live" has increased rapidly. Because Taylor Swift appeared also in this program, many searches were done.

Of course it is also possible to see trends by region. You can see how the interest in "Taylor Swift" increased in the order of Utah, Nebraska and Illinois.

These features are already implemented in Google Trends in Japanese, so anyone can use it now.

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