Does Google manipulate autocomplete candidates for Hillary Clinton to be advantageous?

ByJonathan Lidbeck

The "SourceFed" channel publishing news movies on YouTube has raised a question about whether Google is manipulating autocompletion candidates for "Hillary Clinton". This movie has been played over 800,000 times and Google is in a situation to announce a negative statement.

Did Google Manipulate Search for Hillary? - YouTube

It was Matt Lieberman who appeared in the movie.

In Google search, there is an auto complete function that guesses the destination and automatically complements it by entering a search phrase halfway. For example, if you enter "justin (Justin)" "justin bieber (singer'sJustin Bieber) "," Justin timberlake (singer / actorJustin Timberlake) "," Justin trudeau (Prime Minister of CanadaJustin Trudeau) "And celebrity names continue, even" justinguitar "of the free guitar lesson site will also appear.

Here, SourceFed is concerned with "Hillary Clinton" which is Secretary of State of the United States and surely will be a candidate for the next presidential election. According to SourceFed's claim, when entering "hillary clinton" and "cri", Google and other search engines will have different autocomplete suggestions.

This is Google. The first thing to come out with "cri" is "crime reform", which is thought to be due to Mr. Hillary raising criminal justice system reform as its own policy in the contested candidate nomination.

When this is Yahoo! or Bing, candidates are displayed such as "crimes" and "criminal charges" and criminal charges made by Mr. Hillary and criminal charges about Mr. Hillary I will. This is one of the grounds that "Google is tinkering with input candidates for search".

We also conducted a survey on Google Trend. Looking at "hillary clinton crime reform" ... ...

"Not enough search volume to show graphs." (There is not enough search volume in the graph display) is displayed. This means that there are not so many people searching with this keyword.

On the other hand, "hillary clinton crime" has been searched as many as the graph. This is also evidence that Google is manipulating input candidates.

In the case of "ind" instead of "cri", "indictment" is top in Bing and Yahoo! ....

On Google, "indiana (Indiana State)" and "india (India)" came up, and up to four "indictment" will not enter.

Again, when examined by Google trend, the result that there is more indictment than india. The question is why india appears as a candidate.

As far as all of the results of "Hillary Clinton" are involved, this alone seems to be due only to the bias of Google search results. So, a sociologist and Mr. Burnie Sanders who fight against Hillary and Democratic presidential candidate ... ...

I will also compare the results of Mr. Donald Trump, who is sure of Republican candidate nomination.

When you enter Mr. Sanders' name and "soc", both Yahoo! · Bing will appear as "socialist".

When the name of trump and rac, "racist" is displayed.

And this result was also common in Google search. In other words, it was that only the search on Mr. Hillary was the only candidate.

In SourceFed, we point out that Google's former CEO Eric Schmidt is closer to Hillary's cause.

As in this case, if you adjust the input candidates in the positive direction, it seems possible to capture the floating slip.

In other words, SourceFed argues that Google has the power to manipulate voting, and that it actually operates to work positively against Mr. Hillary.

This movie has been played over 800 thousand times as of 0 o'clock on June 14. Were you thinking about the influence, Google posted an objection that "the operation is not done" to the Washington Times the day after the movie was released. According to Google, the candidate of "person's name + aggressive content or slander" is not displayed by the autocomplete algorithm, so SourceFed's claim this time is a misunderstanding of the algorithm.

Google denies burying bad Hillary Clinton stories - Washington Times

Neowin and Vox actually verify, it shows that Google 's assertion is right, that autocomplete candidates are not manipulated. Especially Vox is known as a continuous bombing · UnabomerTheodore KasinskyAnd Former Nasdaq chairman who caused "the biggest fraud case in history"Bernard L. MadoffIt is confirmed that even if "cri" is inserted after the name of a person known as a criminal, "crimes" does not come out.

No, Google is not modifying search results when you search for Hillary Clinton

There's no evidence That Google is manipulating searches to help Hillary Clinton - Vox

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