What changes have come to the city after Uber and Lyft withdrawing residents' legs?

ByRustan Mateo

In the United States, car share ride services such as Uber and Lyft are actively used, and it is said that it is "easy to use than a conventional taxi" as a reputation. Meanwhile, as a result of the referendum held in Austin, Texas in the early May 2016, the Uber and Lyft drivers operating in the city are in a situation that it is necessary to conduct a criminal record inspection with fingerprints It was. In response to this decision, the two companies have stopped providing services in the city, but there are circumstances that can be said to be unexpected in the subsequent Austin city.

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In the referendum held in May 2016, a majority (56%) of Austin citizens obliged the Uber and Lyft drivers to conduct fingerprint criminal record inspections, display a logo that is known at a glance to vehicles to use, and passengers We decided to support clearly setting places where we can get on and off. Uber and Lyft 's judgment against this judgment show that the independent investigations carried out by themselves are sufficiently rigorous, show the opposite stance, and temporarily stop providing services in the city .

There is a reason why a rigid decision was made against the share ride service that it is spreading in the United States. Although it is the same service which is gaining popularity because it can be used easily, a case of assault by a driver etc. occurs. One of the reasons is that the driver is not an employee such as Uber, but is a position of "contractor" to the last, and that the judgment of the circumstances is not done appropriately.

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It is a judgment made in Austin under such circumstances, but it is said that unexpected changes are occurring in the city after that. One of them is a group born on Facebook "Arcade City Austin / Request a Ride"is. This group began to spread after the announcement of temporary withdrawal of Uber and Lyft, and at the time of article creation, as many as 34,000 members are participating, so to speak that a self-generated share-riding service will be born It is a situation.

Arcade City Austin / Request A Ride

Both the people who use sharerides and the people who provide it are participating in this group, and it is said that the driver responds to it by requesting the starting point and destination of Facebook comment. The following four simple rules are set in the group.

· Post requests you want to use for groups

· Delete post if driver is found

· You may ask the driver to show your profile at Uber and Lyft

· To be "cool" to each other

On the group introduction page, this service is expressed as "an open marketplace where users can connect directly to the driver". Currently, a beta test using a dedicated application is being carried out, but many of users are using services on Facebook. In this service, there are no price increases in busy seasons such as Uber and Lyft, and sales by companies are not picked up, while Lyft has already introduced it, Uber also has a "reservation system" just starting to offer It is already corresponded.

Also, it is a feature that there is no format that defines the payment amount to the driver and the method. The driver can also set the amount you want in advance, and on the contrary it is possible to present the amount the user thinks is appropriate.


Indeed, it is a "peer-to-peer" shareway service that connects drivers and users directly, but what is born there is the sense that it will be "a person's help." Solomon · Hapshaire, a former driver of Lyft, is offering share ride to blind people through this group. About the usage fee received Mr. Hapschire said, "There are times when you can receive more money, there are people who pay within the payable range, but the amount is not a big problem, because I am their strength "I tell you.

In the city of Austin, share-ride services other than Uber and Lyft are in the situation to start deploying, but apart from that, even in the "car sharing service" where one car is shared by multiple people, the aspect of service expansion It seems to be exhibiting. "Zipcar", a leading service company, has begun a strategy to expand the number of users by making discounts on subscription fees for the students in the city and making the usage fee itself of the car quite reasonable.

ByTimothy Vollmer

As you can see, in U.S. and U.S. Lyft, there is a leaving play of Uber and Lyft, but in reality the city, along with seven cities across the United States including Denver, Pittsburgh, San Francisco and the United States, has received $ 50 million (about 5.3 billion yen) It was chosen as the final candidate of "smart city challenge" to receive the budget. In the plan, it was aimed at exploring the way of traffic of the new city by utilizing services such as Uber and Lyft, but due to various circumstances including the referendum, the two companies have left their way It is.

However, with the Austin that both companies have withdrawn, a new trend is occurring due to efforts by residents and entry of other services. Apparently Austin seems to be finding ways to do well without Uber or Lyft.

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