Search function of Twitter official application is powered up, filtering is enabled by news, images, movies, etc.

The ability to filter search results into categories such as "image" "movie" "news" "user", etc. has been added to iOS and Android's Twitter application, and it is easy to find what you are looking for than before It is.

Twitter for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad currently on the iTunes App Store

Twitter - Android application on Google Play

I will try out the new features of Twitter on iOS.

I tried searching "Japan".

When the search result is displayed, what you did not have on the right side of the search window is displayed, so try tapping.

Categories such as "image" "movie" "news" "user" are displayed, and the search results can be narrowed down by tapped category.

When you tap "Image", only tweets with images containing search words are displayed.

Here, narrow down the search results by "movie".

When narrowing down the search results by "news" it is like this.

When filtering with "user", only users including search words are displayed.

In addition to the categories, you can narrow down the search results by "All users" "Following users" "All places" "Nearby users".

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