Google launches application search, iOS / Android / Extensions / Add-ons etc searchable

As a result of Google's search results "application"Was emerging. Links to various applications are displayed so that they are very search results with a feeling like Google, so it is a relatively easy to use and usable one.


For example, when searching with "twitter", the number of options "application" is increasing, so click here

Then Twitter related apps are staggered in this way. That number, really 11.1 million cases.

In the same way the result of searching on "Google" is. Approximately 81.8 million cases will emerge.

Looking at various things, it seems that the thing named "application" roughly covers almost because the application such as Windows Phone properly appears also in the search result depending on the extended function of the browser such as Firefox and even phrase, There are sometimes linked to somewhere like "What is this site?", And the final accuracy is still to come.

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