Maps on Google map can easily be embedded in blogs etc.

Google MapsUntil now I could not embed a map without using JavaScript, Maps API, etc, but now I can easily embed it. By default it is 425 × 350 pixels, but customization is possible.

Actual usage is as follows.
Google Japan Blog: Paste Google Maps on my site

The following is an actual example. You can move by dragging.

Show enlarged map

First, display the map you want to embed and click "Link of this page" in the upper right

Since there is HTML code, click it and copy it if it is completed. Then paste it on your blog or page OK.

If you click "Customize and preview embedded map", a separate window opens and you can change the size like this.

It is a fairly useful function, is not it. It might be quite good. It is strange that we have not been implemented until now.

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