Website 'Komesan' that displays related Twitter / Hatena bookmark comments just by searching by URL

Since various people are sending their opinions on a specific topic on the Internet, I am wondering what kind of opinions are gathered on this topic. Azu, who runs a blog and

Web Scratch related to browsers and JavaScript, has released a new website ' Komesan ' that displays comments such as Twitter and Hatena bookmarks quickly just by searching by URL.


Using Komesan is very simple. If you enter the URL in the search field and click 'View' ...

Hatena bookmark comments and Twitter comments related to the entered URL are displayed in a row.

Hacker News , a social bulletin board related to technology news, is also supported as an option, and if you add '& service = hacker News' to the end of the URL, related Hacker News comments will also be displayed.

Komesan can also be handled with

bookmarklets . For Chrome, drag the 'Komesan' part of the sentence 'Bookmarklet: Komesan' and drop it in the blank part of the bookmark bar.

Then, a bookmarklet called 'Komesan' will be added, so after that, if you click this bookmarklet while opening the article you care about ...

Search results in Komesan will automatically appear in a new tab.

In the case of Firefox, if you right-click the 'Komesan' part of the sentence 'Bookmarklet: Komesan' and select 'Bookmark Link', the bookmarklet of Komesan will be added to the bookmark bar, so after that in Chrome Just like, you can select the bookmarklet from the bookmark bar with the article you are interested in open.

The process of creating Komesan and its detailed implementation are explained in the following articles.

Komesan: Show Hatena bookmarks, Twitter, and Hacker News comments related to the specified URL | Web Scratch

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