A tab management extension "Tabli" that can organize tabs open and open bookmarks in Chrome

If you are watching various websites in the browser, you may have opened as many tabs as you surprised before you know, tabbed with items you just opened, bookmarked and saved Something you want to keep may get messed up. It makes Chrome's extension "dramatically improve the management of such troublesome tabs"TabliSo, I actually tried using it.

Tabli Home

Open the above URL and click "GET TABLI".

Click "Add to CHROME".

Click "Add Extension".

It will be OK if the message "Tabli has been added to Chrome" is displayed.

Click Tabli icon displayed in the toolbar or Tabli launched with "Ctrl + /". Three items are displayed under "Current Window", and "tabli - Google search" at the top is the name of the window, that is, the name of the tab currently displayed. The tabs open underneath are listed, and the tabs displayed are in bold.

For example, when opening a lot of tabs like the image below ......

Tabli will show you everything. In addition, "Othe Open Window" under "Current Window" displays a tab opened in a separate window.

Clicking one of the open tabs ... ...

The corresponding page is displayed.

Mouse over to the open tab and click "×", it is possible to close the corresponding tab.

If you enter keywords in the bar at the top, only tabs containing keywords are displayed.

Mouse over to the name of the window at the top and click the check box displayed on the left ... ....

It is possible to save windows by tab. Press "Enter" in this state.

A check is placed on the left side of all tabs, which means that it is saved.

You can also cancel saving by clicking and unchecking it.

Even if you save it even once, even if you click "x" to close the window ...

You can recover by clicking the item under "Saved Closed Windows" displayed when Tabli is started up.

All saved tabs opened. This function seems to be able to use such as saving the window that opened only the news site, for example, returning every window when you want to check it.

The saved tab is saved in Chrome's "bookmarks", "other bookmarks" and "Tabli Saved Windows".

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