"Browser Ball" that allows a magical experience where the ball bounces between the windows of the browser

One ball can bounce around multiple windows, increasing the number of windows and expanding the field makes it possible for the ball to move freely so that a unique experience can be achieved "Browser Ball"is. Although it is not a game, it is a strange web app that you can play forever, trying it once.

Browser Ball

You can see how you actually use "Browser Ball" from the following movie.

The ball bounces between the windows of the browser "Browser Ball" - YouTube

To use "Browser Ball", first click on the red button labeled "Launch Browser Ball".

A small window with red and white balls in the middle is displayed as shown below. Clicking ......

The ball fixed in the middle becomes free, and it jumps around here and there.

Click "Create Window" button at the top right of the window so click.

Then, a smaller window appeared.

You can hold the ball when you click it, and it will be released when you release it, so you can move it with the momentum to actually throw the ball.

Even if two windows are juxtaposed, if the ball hits the frame of the window ......

It will be bounced again.

But when you drag the ball ... ...


...... I was able to move the ball from the window to the window.

Again moving the ball, the ball was bouncing around in a small window.

Add a window.

Then the ball fell into the third window created from the second window. If there is a gap between the window and the window, the ball can not move, but when the windows overlap each other, it is possible to move.

If you make a step in multiple windows as follows ...

Fall, the ball rolling ... ...

Go to the next lower window.

Bounce further ...

I went back to the first window.

In addition, occasionally the ball flies out of the frame and becomes missing, an error is displayed as follows.

In such a case, click "Reset Ball" ......

The ball reappears in the middle of the first browser.

Click "Create Window".

With this kind of window, I will create a field by overlapping windows.

Then, the ball was bouncing around within the field with a rush.

When the ball moved from the window to the window, the ball was perfectly behind the title bar properly.

A ball that bounces around with a pin.

If you reduce the size of the window where the ball is about to move to the next window, ...

It is bounced back because the ball can not fit in.

After enlarging, I came in properly.

There was no effect on the ball even when piling a window on top of the window.

In addition, it is necessary to use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari to use Browser Ball.

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