It is reported that Google has lowered the priority of cloud gaming service 'Stadia', is it focusing on sales of streaming technology?

Google's cloud gaming service 'Stadia ' will enable you to play the latest games in high resolution on smartphones and TVs without a high-spec PC or home video game console equipped with a graphic board. .. Although Stadia seemed to be doing well at the beginning of the service, it is reported that 'Google is focusing on selling streaming technology to third parties, and Stadia's priority has dropped.'

Stadia reportedly 'deprioritised' as Google focuses on selling streaming tech to third-parties •

At the beginning of the service in 2019, Stadia has the drawback of 'unstable operation when connecting to Wi-Fi', but 'the game can be started within a few seconds after picking up the controller, and it can also be played on laptops and smartphones. If you don't care about seeing the best graphics on a big screen, it can be a pretty good option. '

A review of the finally launched 'Google Stadia' has appeared, and although it makes us feel the future, it is still evaluated as a rough cut --GIGAZINE

However, Google closed Stadia Games & Entertainment, a game development department dedicated to Stadia, 14 months after the service of Stadia started. Regarding the reason for the closure, Stadia's vice president and general manager Phil Harrison said, 'Creating a best-in-class game from scratch requires years and a lot of investment, and this cost is exponential. The resources devoted to the development of dedicated games will be used to expand alliances with external publishers and strengthen the platform.

Google closes Stadia's dedicated game development department, Stadia itself will continue-GIGAZINE

by Marco Verch

After that, there was a report that Stadia's target monthly active users were insufficient by hundreds of thousands, and there were voices thinking about the future of Stadia. Meanwhile, Business Insider reports that 'Google is focusing on selling streaming technology to third parties, and Stadia's priority has dropped.' According to media reports, Google is losing interest in bringing third-party AAA titles to Stadia, devoting 80% of its resources to selling streaming technology and only 20% of its resources to deploy Stadia. It is planned to only pour.

Capcom is mentioned as a sales partner for streaming technology, and it is reported that the two companies are discussing 'a plan to make it possible to play titles by streaming even from their own site'. Also, in the sales negotiation of streaming technology, Google seems to have been negotiating with Bungie in quite detail. However, it is unclear what will happen to the negotiations with Google as Bungie has been acquired by Sony .

It's unclear at the time of writing what Stadia's policy shift will ultimately mean, but Google will continue to focus on providing Stadia with great games in 2022. And comment. Specifically, it plans to add about 100 more titles to the existing game library of about 200 titles.

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