Popular porn sites announce the impact of the 'new coronavirus', which country has the most access after the pandemic?

The world's most popular porn site ' Pornhub ', which is the second largest movie sharing site in the world after YouTube and is accessed by more than 120 million people a day, has a new coronavirus infection (COVID- We publish various data on how Pornhub was affected by 19).

Coronavirus Insights – Pornhub Insights


The first search on Pornhub that included 'Coronavirus' was on January 25, 2020, and the number of searches continued to increase. As of March 12, 2020, the number of searches for 'corona' or 'covid' in the last 30 days is over 6.87 million. The number of searches was the highest on March 5, and it seems that more than 1.5 million searches were made in a day.

In particular, the country with the highest search rate for 'Coronavirus' among Pornhub visitors is Slovakia, which is 119% higher than the global average. We also found that search rates from Bulgaria, Ireland, Malaysia and Serbia were more than 80% higher than the global average.

When limited to the United States, the search rate for 'Coronavirus' was high for visitors from the capital city of Washington, DC, which turned out to be 33% higher than the US average. When comparing state-by-state search rates to the US average, New York visitors were 24% higher, Washington was 22%, and West Virginia was 18% higher. On the other hand, the number of visitors from North Dakota, which had the lowest search rate, was 43% lower than the US average.

WHO is the epidemic of COVID-19 and pandemic

certification 2020 March 11, 2011, which was to (water), countries is less than or equal to the number of accesses to the Pornhub had increased more than the average per day. Italy, which has gained the most access after the pandemic of the new coronavirus, increased by 13.8%. Japan is in 5th place with an increase of 9.3%.

As the new coronavirus spreads around the world, Pornhub traffic seems to have increased, but 'more interestingly, the time to visit Pornhub varies from person to person,' says Pornhub.

For example, Pornhub's March 11 traffic was 5.7% higher than Wednesday's average traffic. At 2:00 pm local time at the access source, traffic was 11% higher than the average, and at 8:00 am it was 9% below the average. It is said that 8:00 am is one of the 'highest traffic hours on Pornhub', but people who have been absent or working from home due to the new coronavirus no longer need to commute, so 'until later than usual' Pornhub speculates that it was because he got up and went to bed later than usual. In addition, although it was 11% above the average at 13:00 noon, it was 6% below the average at 16:00 in the evening and 8% above the average at 19:00 at night.

Italy, which has the highest number of access to Pornhub in the world, is the first country in Europe to close its borders and carry out national quarantine. The chart below shows how Italy's traffic has changed over the past few weeks, with a 9% on March 9 and March 10 when a

decree on large-scale travel restrictions and refraining from going out was issued in Italy. You can see that it increased by 11% on the day and 13.8% on March 11.

On March 11, after the curfew was issued in Italy, traffic from Italy was 47% more than average at 2:00 midnight and 25% more than average at 5 am. By 6am, traffic was down 16% from average, but traffic at 10am was up 10% from average and remained above average until early afternoon. The traffic at 9 pm was 12% higher than average.

This trend is not unique to Italy. Below is a graph showing the increase / decrease in traffic by local time zone throughout Europe compared to the average as of March 12. Compared to the graph only for Italy above, although the numbers are different, the tendency of increase and decrease is that 'the traffic is more than usual in the middle of the night, less than usual in the early morning, and the traffic is a little more than usual around noon and from evening to night'. the same. According to Pornhub, the trend of traffic increase and decrease by time of day was almost the same in every country.

Forbes, a news media that cooperated with data statistics, predicted that the surge in access to Pornhub in Italy may be due to Pornhub offering free paid services in Italy, saying, 'This data is a possible trend in the United States. That is, the mass consumption of pornhub and toilet paper. '

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