'The viewing of pornographic videos is drastically decreasing at the opening of the World Cup' revealed by a major porn site survey

The FIFA World Cup 2018 that began on June 14, 2018 only left 2 games of Belgium and England in confrontation at the time of article creation and the final game where France and Croatia fight, while France opened in 1998 Whether you win the championship since the French convention, whether Croatia will win the first victory or not is getting big attention. "Pornhub" of a major porn site has published how much users of World Cup participating countries used Pornhub during the World Cup 2018 period, which country has a higher interest in football than pornography It is clarifying whether it is in fact.

World Cup 2018: Country vs Country - Pornhub Insights

According to the opening of the World Cup, people searching for "Football" or "Soccer" in Pornhub are increasing very much, and the actual search frequency is indicated by a graph. The following graph shows the search frequency of "Football" and "Soccer" from June 2, 2018 to July 4, 2018. The vertical axis shows the search average and the horizontal axis shows the date . According to this graph, the frequency of searches by Football (black) and Soccer (Orange) rises from June 14th in the World Cup, and when compared with the average (1.0) at the normal time, the search frequency Is more than doubled.

The graph below shows the percentage of 32 people from 32 countries in the world cup who have not seen Pornhub during their game time. Numbers are figured out from the average of the communication traffic volume for each World Cup participant country outside the tournament period and the traffic volume during the group league match time, and in countries with a high reduction rate, that is, "Pornhub From the country where I saw "No", they are listed in the order of. In the chart, the first place is -47% of Senegal, the second place is -45% of Iran and the third place is -42% of Iceland, and Japan ranked 26th, along with England and Saudi Arabia, to -13% Rank in. The lowest level was -5% in Australia.

Pornhub has also released a chart comparing the traffic reduction rate of each country in the best 16 first round. According to this figure, it was Uruguay who had recorded an average 34% decrease at the time of the group league, but it was 61% down at the first game of the finals tournament and it was not the case when I was watching Pornhub To the result that you understand. Also, after entering the finals tournament, you can see that many countries including Japan and others were enthusiastic about football rather than pornography.

In France, vs. Argentina, Spain versus Russia, the country where the communication traffic to Pornhub has decreased greatly in 6 games has won, and it is highly likely that the countries interested in football will win more than porn at this event I also understand.

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