We tried 'Beef angular flower stall food' such as 'beef horn dock' which arranged stall hood of Summer Festival in beef horn flow

Noodles "to match the grilled meat grilled meat dedicated Mazemen meat shop that produced such as" " cow angle on the theme of stalls hood of the summer festival in the" July 11, 2018 from the (water) entitled "cattle angle summer festival", "cow angle flow As a stall food "," American beef docks dumplings covered with carbs dock "and" Beef horn dock piled! Mexican beef tandok "are on display that sandwich grilled meat with" bread "and eat with one hand. I have tasted it with 6 other items of bovine angular flower stall hood.

It's summer, is not it! Is not it a cow! Beef horn summer festival held! BBQ with one hand! Braised beef dock with plenty of cheese! ! - Wednesday, July 11, 2018 - September 2, 2018 (Sunday) conducted at cattle horns across the country -
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Beef horny summer festival in session! If grilled meat "bull horn"

Arrived at the cow horn.

The inside of the shop is decorated vividly in the menu pop as a summer festival as a "Beef Horn Summer Festival" campaign. A festival music festival (festival hayashi) is flowing as in-store BGM.

Some of the clerk wore hoof coat (happi).

This time "Beef angular flower stall food" "Beef horn docks dumplings carved dog" and "Beef horn dock piled! Mexican beef tandok" ... ...

"Spicy Carbie Steak" written in a fan type fanatics "scallop butter sauce grill" "Sukiyaki fried noodles" "Baked a butter is butter!" "Green kiwi sour" "Pururun biba jelly" order a total of 8 items To do. In addition, since the "alcoholic pineapple sour" in the fan is a regular menu rather than a limited-time menu of "beef angular flower hood", it was omitted.

◆ Beef horn dock <br> Introduction I ordered a beef horn dock "Beef horn dock chips covered with carbedock" and "Beef horn dock piled! Mexican beef dandelion" which baked grilled meat and sandwiched it like bread in a bread like a hot dog. "Beef squirrel dumplings carvedic docks" sandwiching carvings is a set of docks (bread) and cheese sandwiching carvos, onions and sweet sauce from the left. Bake these three items and combine it to become a beef horn dock.

"Beef horn dock piled! Mexican beef dandelion" that sandwiches the other beef horn dock, beef tangerue sausage is a set of cheese, dock, beef tangerue sausage from the left. In addition, the dock of beef horn dock is cut in half to eat easily.

Procedure to eat beef horn dock, first grill the bread lightly. Bread is easy to scorch, so be careful. I baked it on the net for about 1 to 2 minutes.

It also warms the cheese on the net with bread. The white cheese on the left is "Mexican Beef Tandoch". The reddish cheese on the right belongs to "Beef cube dock crispy covered carvedic".

Next, I will bake the meat that is sandwiched between each dock. "Beef horn dock chips covered with carbideod" baked Calvi.

When calbee is put on the net, sweet fragrance drifts with the sound "Ju ~".

"Mexican Beef Tandoch" burns beef tangerine sausage on the net.

When Calvi burns Calvi is caught in the dock of "Beef angled dog chews covered with carbide dog".

Put on warm cheese ... ...

"Beef horn dock chips - covered carved dog" (tax 500 yen) has been completed. "Beef squared docks - dirty carved dogs" is a beef horn dock with cheese sandwiched between savory tied bread in bread.

Calbee is juicy with seasoning of sweet sauce. Cheese is rich and crispy feel. Bread is plain taste and is perfect for thick-flavored cheese and grilled meat. There is eating in the dog's bread.

Next is "Beef Horn Dick Pilky! Mexican Beef Tandoch" with beef tangerue sausage in between. Cut beef tangerue sausage that was burned in the net in the bread ... ....

I will put on warmed cheese.

"Beef Horn Dock Pilky! Mexican Beef Tandoch" (600 yen tax excluded) has been completed.

"Beef horn dock piled! Mexican beef Tandoch" is a spicy spicy seasoning. Pure spicy juicy beef tangerue sausage is perfectly compatible with slightly sweet and simple seasoned buns. There is sense of unity because the texture of crispy surface and soft feel is close to the texture of bread. White cheese plus creamy taste and smooth texture.

◆ Spicy Carbie steak (curry taste)
"Spicy Calbi steak (curry taste)" (600 yen tax) is a curry-flavored steak style barbecue with thick cut calbi. Curry powder is entirely covered.

The size of what was offered this time is like this when compared with traffic-related IC card (long side 8.5 cm, short side 5.4 cm).

Grill on the net and the net ... ...

The scent of curry drifts as you bake.

Since the meat itself is tasted, it is spicy, sweet and juicy when you try to eat without adding sauce etc. The irritating stimulation enhances appetite. The pungent tastes like rice with a sweet seasoning at a level that does not require drinks.

◆ Grilled scallops with butter sauce grilled "scallops butter soy sauce" (1 sheet: 250 yen per tax: 2 sheets: 490 yen tax) is an item to grill and scallop raw scallops with shells. According to the store clerk with butter added, it is recommended that you bake the soy sauce after hanging it.

When you hang the soy sauce and bake it on the net, the butter melts and the scent of the island drifts.

When I try to eat hot scallops are sweet and plump. The umami is packed with tight juice, melted butter plus fragrance and richness.

◆ Sukiyaki Yakisoba - Shikiyaki Yakisoba (500 yen tax included) that has been brought in the stone pot making sound with Jujube. Yakisoba of thick noodles is sweet and seasoned, raw eggs are set.

Besides raw eggs, soy sauce based sauce is set.

Throw sauce into noodles. I tried putting it in half as much as a waiter.

Add sauce and mix immediately so that the taste will adapt to the noodles. The sauce will evaporate and the appetite will appease after the sound and steaming "Ju ~ ~ ~" from the stone pot. You are now ready.

If you mix noodles, after eating the raw egg of attached attachment like a shiyaki, you eat it through the noodles.

Sukiyaki fried noodles are sweet and sour seasoning. The thick noodles are crispy in the stone pot and there is eating habits. In the wait-and-see, only about half of the sauce was put in, but it felt like it was tasteless enough, so I felt the taste was slightly darker if I added more sauce.

◆ Grilled butter!
"Baked butter is buttery!" (400 yen tax) is an item that made the stall food of the summer festival "potato butter" beef horn flow. I bake the whole of the aluminum foil pot containing potatoes on the net and eat it.

A lot of butter is attached to the aluminum vessel.

Put everything on the net and put on butter in wait for about a third. I will add heat while returning the front and back.

As I only tried to eat it because only heat was transmitted from the aluminum container, the heat street to the potato would not be good forever.

Taking all but one's butter.

All the butter melted and it became like oil boiled.

The oily scent fills the appetite.

Heat is easy to pass through with butter, potatoes are loose and hokuhoku. It was transformed into a seasoned butter than plain butter in summer festival. It seems that it was the right answer to put all butter without hesitation.

◆ Green Kiwi Sour "Green Kiwi Sour" (490 yen tax) is a colorful sourda with green with kiwifruit.

After drinking it is refreshing with sweet and sour kiwi with fine carbonic acid. Perfect for eating with hot and oily items.

◆ Pururu Bottle Jelly - Finally the dessert's "Pururu Bottle Jelly" (290 yen tax excluded)

Fruits are included in beautiful round jelly.

There are two kinds of jelly, transparent and blue, and transparent jelly seems to contain pineapple or kiwifruit. The one in the photo is jelly containing pineapple. Transparent jelly itself has a slightly sweet and juicy pine flesh. The cold jelly to eat after hot roast meat does not accumulate.

Transparent jelly containing kiwifruit has a strong acidity and is refreshing.

The blue jelly seems to have no pulp. When I tried it I felt like a cold jelly of the summer festival with a ramune taste.

"Beef horn dock chips dumpling carbideod" "Beef horn dock piltic! Mexican beef tandok" "spicy calbi steak" "scallop butter sauce grill" "shakyaki fried noodles" "burnt tea is butter!" "Green kiwi sour" " "Beef horny summer festival" which you can eat stall-style menu such as "Pururu B Bubble Jelly" is a limited-time campaign until September 2, 2018 (Sunday).

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