How do women's adult movie preferences differ by country / region? Analyze popular pornographic sites


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' Trigger ', a porn site that is the second largest movie sharing site in the world after YouTube, has a reputation for data analysis. Although the 2018 report summarizing user usage shows that keywords such as 'Kuppa princess' and 'Fortnite' are popular, Pornhub has newly released a report focusing on 'female users'. We clarified what kind of difference is in the preference of women's pornography by country, area.

Women of the World-Pornhub Insights

The analysis from Pornhub , published at the end of 2018 , shows that the 'Lesbian' category is popular among female viewers and 151% more popular than men. However, if you display popular categories by country, you can see that there is a difference in preferences by region.

Lesbian is popular mainly in North America and South America, but ' HENTAI ' is more popular in Russia and Eastern Europe. Japan and China tend to find 'JAPANESE', 'Indian' in India, and 'EBONY (Black)' in Africa, and women tend to seek race categories to which they belong.

Furthermore, it looks like this when you visualize it by paying attention to the popularity of 'related categories' by country. Japanese women prefer the Japanese category by 568% over women in other countries. On the other hand, women in India tend to prefer “Indian” with 1787% of women in other countries, and the tendency to prefer people in the same country is quite strong.

Looking at other countries, France, Germany, Italy, Brazil, etc. also tend to prefer people from the same country.

Related categories other than country preference are also popular. Related categories such as “Old / Yong” in Sweden, “Pissing” in the Netherlands, and “Verified Model” in Argentina are more popular than in other countries.

An analysis of related categories also showed that women in Mexico tend to prefer strips, women in Brazil prefer transgender, and women in Canada prefer 3P.

Focusing only on America, the most popular category in the whole is 'lesbian', but women in the south like 'EBONY', and women in the Midwest and northwest like '3P'.

If you look at related categories, if there is a region that prefers women with tattoos, the taste is quite diverse, such as cosplay movies, virtual reality, feet, etc.

The figure below shows the top rankings of 'related search terms' that women in each state typed into the search bar. Montana women are 'surprise anal', Maine women are '

glory holes', West Virginia women are more likely to search for ' BDSM ' than others. And again, the trend for local love was seen, and it was shown that women in Maryland tended to find out in Baltimore , the largest city in the state, than in other states.

In addition, Pornhub also announces that there is a taste by age. The categories that women of that age prefer over women of other ages are:

18-24 years old: Hentai / Hentai (+ 81%)
25-34 years old: Tattooed Women / Women (+ 32%)
35-44 years old: Double Penetration / double penetration (+ 29%)
45-54 years old: Mature / Mature Woman (+ 39%)
55-64 years old: Vintage / vintage (+ 78%)
65 years old or older: Handjob / onanism (+ 143%)

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