Data that there is a decreasing tendency of peculiarities such as male hardcore and fetish


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The leading porn site Pornhub has published analysis of the viewing habits of pornographic videos that fall into the 'extreme' category. According to the contents, the three genres of 'Rough Sex', 'Fetish', and 'Hardcore', which represent the Extreme category, are becoming less popular.

Extreme Category Insights-Pornhub Insights

Pornhub Reveals Data on Rough Sex, Hardcore, and Fetish Porn

The downturn in popularity of the three genres is obvious if you look at the transition of the rankings listed below by Pornhub. Rough Sex has continued to decline, peaking in 13th in 2013, and down to 35th in 2018. Similarly, Fetish has fallen from 45th to 69th and Hardcore from 28th to 33rd.

Although all are three genres that are in a downward trend, it is also clear that the breakdown shows different trends depending on the age. The popularity of the Fetish genre, where men watch 7% more than women, shows that the popularity of “Millenial” from 18 to 34 is particularly low. On the other hand, it was the age group from 55 to 64 years who watched this genre most.

It turns out that females watch 75% more of the Hardcore genre. Many of the people in this genre are also aware that they are Millennials 18 to 34 years old.

It turns out that women also watch more in the Rough Sex genre than men. In addition, this genre is characterized by the fact that support from the youngest age group, ages 18 to 24, is surpassed.

If you look at it this way, it is highlighted that there is a gap between the genres of pornographic videos in the younger age group and other age groups. Other genres were also intriguing as to what was going on.

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