Ikemen models of the world gather together and know the difference of cool statues of each country

Having men interested in beauty and fashion is not uncommon in Japan, but in the West it was a custom that has not penetrated that far, but recently not only in the West but also in men from around the world beauty and fashion It is attracting attention, and awareness of men's beauty seems to be changing. BuzzFeed focused on this phenomenon gathered male models from 12 countries and released a movie that analyzed the ideal men of each country.

Men's Standards Of Beauty Around The World - YouTube

The sales of beauty goods for men has increased by about 70% from 2012 to 2014, and men aware of beauty are increasing all over the world.

◆ America
In the United States men with muscles tingling and perfect body appear in various media, so American men are under great pressure.

A popular style in recent years in the United States is "Lumbersexual", which means literally means "sexy lark". It is the definition of Lumbersexual that beard grows muscular and rugged and white.

◆ Mexico

"Masculinity" in Mexican culture, one of element of handsome from long ago.

There is also survey data that Mexican men are the second most vanity in the world.

◆ Brazil

43.1% of Brazilians are mixed.

For men who are considered beautiful in Brazil, German-looking appearance and sunburn are important.

Also, it is said that plastic surgery is not an unusual act among Brazilian men.

◆ South Africa

According to the population survey in 2011, 79.6% of the population are African blacks and 8.9% are white people.

Contrary to the data of the census, 77% of the South African men's magazine's cover is decorated with white models.

According to the survey, it seems that ideal men of Western standards are accepted among African black people and mixed-blooded people.

◆ Nigeria

Young people in Nigeria said that male singers are often given as ideal men.

In the 2007 survey, I know that men in their early twenties have the most importance on "masculinity" as a factor for women.

◆ Turkey

In Turkey the ideal man image was "manly man", but in recent years it is changing to "men who lead women with romantic behavior".

It is "hair removal" that attracts attention among such Turkish men, and it seems that it is getting popular as slippery skin fashionable.

◆ Italy

Speaking of Italy, fashion comes to mind, Italy stands at the top in men's fashion world.

Italian men tend to like high-end clothing, and they are not resistant to wearing feminine color clothes such as pink and red.

Ikemen in Italy is a man pretending to be quiet. Is it such as "calm man" in Japan?

◆ UK

In the UK, professional athletes represented by David Beckham are regarded as ideal men.

Also, tattoos are becoming an important element of male fashion, as one in five British adult men put tattoos. Sure, Beckham had plenty of tattoos.

It seems that it is popular among British men to arrange not only beards, even pubic hair.

◆ South Korea

Korean pop culture is popular everywhere in Asia.

Pop star who longs for Korean men has trained body and neutral features, and there are also many make-ups.

Also, plastic surgery is not unusual not only for women but also for men, and it is considered to be an ideal man to have large eyes, double nose and high nose.

◆ Philippines

Men's aesthetic sense in the Philippines is said to have been influenced by Spain and the United States.

In recent years, it seems that the appeal of men has changed from "manhood" to "being interested in fashion and beauty."

Looking at the trend of the ideal men of each country, it seems that in many countries the elements of ikemen changes from a manly man to a feminine person who is concerned about fashion and beauty. There are so many young men who are concerned about fashion and beauty in Japan, perhaps it may be Japanese men who are at the cutting edge of the world trends.

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