'Stream Forever' which can play YouTube playlist with live feeling like streaming delivery

If you use YouTube's playlist, you can stream your favorite songs and work BGM, but since the first song of the playlist is always played from the beginning, I feel like I'm getting tired of it There are also many people that there are things. " Stream Forever " played endlessly on YouTube's playlist like a streaming distribution channel, and you can share a URL with others and share it with others without charge It is a web service.

Stream Forever - Create forever running video playlists

When accessing the above URL, a simple page with only the input column "Youtube Playlist - URL" is displayed.

First, get the URL of the YouTube playlist you want to play. This time we will use the playlist " Game (GIGAZINE) " on the official YouTube channel of GIGAZINE . Open the movie included in the playlist ... ....

Right click on the movie and click "Copy Movie URL" in the menu that came out.

Paste that URL into the input field at the center of the Stream Forever page and click "CREATE".

Click on the URL that opens to open it.

This is where I opened it. To play, press "Press To Play" button.

This is the screen during playback. Back to the top page of the Stream Forever at the top right of the screen Other than the "Back" button, there are no operation buttons that pause or skip to the next song.

The movie is played in order of the playlist, and when it is played to the end, it returns to the first movie. Also, while the movie is not being accessed, the movie continues to advance, and when you access the same URL again, the movie will start from playing state at that time.

Dare to eliminate functions such as music selection and pause, you get a live feeling like streaming delivery, so if you bookmark URLs generated from your favorite songs and working BGM playlists, You can listen to songs with fresh feeling when you are there. Also, since the playback situation is synchronized among all users, if you share the URL with SNS such as Twitter, you can share the same feeling at the same timing and share the live feeling.

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