Web service 'TwitWipe' which can erase all my tweets for free at free

" TwitWipe " is a web service that deletes tweets you tweet so far at once on Twitter. It is possible to redo Twitter clean as you leave except for tweets, such as followers and followers.

TwitWipe - Delete all your tweets in one go!

TwitWipe is a web application that runs on the browser. Go to TwitWipe and click "Get Started".

Scroll through the page and click "Sign in using Twitter" to link your Twitter account with TwitWipe.

You are transferred to Twitter and asked "Do you want to allow TwitWipe to use your account?" Enter "user name or email address" "password" and click "login" to allow TwitWipe to use your account information.

Then it will be transferred to TwitWipe this time. After confirming that "Welcome to TwitWipe (your Twitter user name)! You have x tweets in your account" (your Twitter account) "." Click "TwitWipe!". Delete all my tweets.

While deleting this, the "Pause (pause)" button and the "Cancel (stop)" button are displayed as follows. "No, wait a moment! I want to think about 5 more minutes!" And "I quit all erasing after all!", Even when my mind changes.

After waiting for a while, the progress bar became 100%, and erasing of all tweets was completed.

After checking it, my tweet was gone like this.

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