Information browser, IP address, etc. useful for beginner's support can be easily copied & shortened URL information "What browser am I using?"

Although it is more often used as a support center if you are familiar with personal computers and a little bit more than people around you, even if you say "tell the environment" to the other party, you can not communicate with it, "even though you did not do anything, it was broken Only the phrase "!" Is endlessly repeated, and there are many times that important information can not be obtained. It is possible to smoothly end such barren exchanges as "What browser am I using?"is.

What browser am I using?

Usage is very easy. Rather than just accessing the site without thinking anything. Then the following screen is displayed.

At the top is the name and version information of the browser you are accessing.

At the bottom of the page, information on various environment settings is listed.

In fact, how to use it is easy, just send the address of this site to the other party and open it, just ask them to click the "Copy" button and ask them to send short URLs by e-mail.

It is ok if you send me an e-mail pasted short URL in the body of e-mail like this, OK, you can grasp the environment of the other party in one shot

In addition, I was able to use it without problems even from the browser of the smartphone or tablet.

◆ iPhone 5c + Safari

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