I tried to compose a song with 'Automated Composing' that automatically composes short songs just by entering the title.

Daniwell , who

is known as the composer of the familiar ' Nyanyanyanyanyanyanyanya! ' doing.

Automatic composition

Automatic composition-Nico Nico Douga

When you access automatic composition, it looks like this. Enter the title in the input field and click 'Generate'. This time, we will ask you to compose a song titled 'GIGAZINE'.

The song will be generated in a few seconds. Click the play icon in the center to play the song you made.

The following movie shows how the new song 'GIGAZINE' is actually composed and played. The song is automatically composed according to the text entered as the title, and it feels like a jingle used in games and animation. 'GIGAZINE' is a short song of about 19 seconds, and the sound of chords is strange and has a unique atmosphere.

Original song 'GIGAZINE' by 'Automated Composing' that automatically composes when you enter a title --YouTube

The generated song can be saved in WAV format and MIDI format by clicking 'Download' at the bottom right. Also, if you click 'Export to video' on the upper right ...

The automatically generated song will be exported to the video.

The video will be exported in WebM format. It is also possible to convert to MP4 format and save it, but be aware that the conversion will take some time.

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