Moody Music Online, a website that allows free & one-click concentration of environmental sounds to help you concentrate and relax

Listening to relaxing music is said to be effective for stress relief and quality sleeping as well. I tried using " Moody Music Online " because it means that you can listen to environmental sounds that are free and easy to relax.

Moody Music Online - Free focus, relax, sleep musics

Access the above site, access to, and place the cursor over the image of the environmental sound you want to listen to, the play button will be displayed, click the play button.

If you click the Play button next to Play / Pause, environmental sound will flow out. Even when you want to stop environmental sound, click the play button OK.

When you want to listen to another environmental sound, click on another environmental sound image ......

The clicked environmental sound flows out. "Rainy" was able to listen to environmental sounds mixed with birds sometimes in rain sounds, environmental sounds that ripples rush in "Ocean", and environmental sounds of waterfalls where water falls down in "Water Fall".

You can also access Moody Music Online from a smartphone and listen to environmental sound easily.

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