"MusicForProgramming" that collects music that is optimal for unlimited programming for free downloading

ByRamotion studio

Programmers and engineers who write and code a lot of code while staring at the screen are unlikely to be productive if they can not maintain concentration. You can play music from a playlist to concentrate such work, if you like it you can download music free of charge and a website called "MusicForProgramming"is.

MusicForProgramming ("44: hukka");

A page like a text editor with code is displayed, but this is the page of "musicForProgramming". In the upper left "Introduction" is written "a listening series (which can be used for another task)" to improve concentration and productivity while doing tasks.

Below "Episodes" there is a list of music that is ideal for programming, for example clicking "01: Datassette" ......

The selected song was loaded in the upper right. To play the music click on the text written "PLAY" OK.

If you find something you like by listening to various things, click the download link under "PLAY" ....

The player will be displayed in a separate tab and the full version of the song will be played. If you move the cursor to this player and right click it, you can download it from "save audio with name" to the local etc., if you load it into iTunes etc, you can import it into the smartphone and listen to music anytime anywhere you can focus on programming is.

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