Web application 'lofi.co' that can play endless work voices that combine environmental sounds and BGM to your liking

Many people are working while listening to music and environmental sounds such as rain to concentrate on their studies and work. If you use the web application ' lofi.co ', you can mix the environmental sounds such as calm rain sounds and keyboard keystrokes with the calm atmosphere BGM such as jazz to your liking and continue playing the work voice.

lofi.co --relax & focus


When you visit lofi.co, you will see an illustration depicting the exterior of the cafe.

There is a play button at the bottom of the screen, and when you click the play button, the music will start playing.

Also, if you click the round button placed in the red frame part, the environmental sound that reproduces the noise of the car traveling in the city will be played. You can adjust the volume of the environmental sound by moving the slider left or right.

Furthermore, if you click the round button on the left edge of the screen, the rain sound will be played.

When you click the 'Enter' button located at the entrance of the cafe ...

An illustration depicting the interior of the cafe is displayed. Press the round button near the notebook PC located at the bottom right of the screen to play the keyboard tapping sound.

You can control the sound of rain by clicking the round button located on the window. The rain sounds that can be controlled with this button are the same as above.

When you click the setting button on the right side of the screen, the mood selection screen is displayed, and you can select the music to play from three types: 'Sleepy (sleep introduction music)' 'Jazzy (jazz)' 'Chill (chill)'.

You can also adjust the volume of 'City traffic', 'City Rain', and 'Keyboard' by moving the slider located at the bottom to the left or right.

You can use lofi.co for free, but you can use the playlist function by subscribing to a paid plan with a monthly fee of $ 3.99 (about 510 yen).

Also, if you become a paid member, you will be able to select locations other than cafes, and the types of environmental sounds that can be played will increase.

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